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14 Twitter Accounts for Female Entrepreneurs to Follow


New to Twitter? Struggling to see the point? It can be a waste of time, it’s a fact.

So can talking on the phone and standing in line at the bank – it’s all in how you use your time when engaged in those activities and Twitter is no different.

Twitter can also be a powerful tool for gathering or learning information, discovering new resources, or getting the latest news.

Towards that end, here’s a selection of some top Twitter accounts for Women in Business that could even save you time, as opposed to wasting it. Some can even help you save money or give you tips to make your business more profitable.

The criteria for selection:

  • Women in Business should be a primary focus.

  • The handles don’t double as an individual’s account.

  • They must tweet about something other than the organization/project they represent.

  • The content is geared towards national or international women (Regional accounts don’t always have content relevant to those of us who live outside the area.)

  • They must update regularly and have posted recently

  • There’s evidence that the posts retweet other accounts and/or are conversational on occasion (i.e. it’s not just an account for broadcasting their own news.)

Here they are in no particular order, with

  • the Twitter account name,

  • a link to their profile,

  • the description of the account, and

  • what you can get out of following the account.

Also included is a representative tweet, so if you’re signed in to Twitter, you won’t even have to leave the page to follow them.

14 Twitter Accounts for Female Entrepreneurs to Follow


Where influencers, investors, and innovators meet to build great women-led business. Our 537 women-led companies have raised $6.2 billion, including 10 IPOs.


Follow Springboard to get women leadership news that you wouldn’t normally find in the headlines.

Women 2.0

Women 2.0 is a media company w/ content, community & conferences for women innovators in technology. Programs include @FounderFriday and #w2conf

Though self-described as being for innovators in technology, you’ll also find them tweeting about events (besides their own) and important in-depth coverage of women’s voices in top news publications.

Third Metric

“Redefining success beyond money and power, to include well-being, wisdom, wonder, compassion and giving.

Arianna Huffington not reason enough? Follow this account to learn how to balance all the different aspects of wealth and abundance in life, from health to family and work/life balance.

The Woman Effect

Women are powerful. Women’s leadership in any organization helps it thrive. This is the Woman Effect.

Here you’ll find conversations around powerful women, leadership research, as well as career advice and revelations.


Accelerating Business by Advancing Women

What’s interesting about this account is that there aren’t a lot of links tweeted. In place of that, on Twitter you might be expecting to find a lot of conversations, or retweets. Instead, @Womanetics uses Twitter more for its microblogging features, sending out tips and advice, in addition to links to blog posts and news.


A network of over 150 women’s funds, foundations, and social investment organizations across more than 25 countries. A movement for powerful, women-led change.

Women’s funding network stands out by mixing information about non-profits with updates about economics. They also frequently retweet other resources and respond to followers.


A global network of female game-changers who invest in each other’s success. Named a ForbesWoman Top 100 Website for Women in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Great for staying abreast of trends, event announcements for their network, and issues affecting gender inequality and female investors.


The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) propels women entrepreneurs into economic, social and political spheres of power worldwide.

Yes, I’m personally biased, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong 😉 – NAWBO is the organization that Web.com did the Women Business Owner’s survey with earlier this year.

At first glance, it looks like the account is just a refresh of posts from their Facebook account. But if you actually click on the links, you’ll find that the shortened links often go to various resources around the web.

Follow them for news of specific interest to business owners.


An online magazine and blog providing daily career and lifestyle advice, multimedia content, and opportunities to connect. Dare to live fully!

They do a great job on focusing on the area of women in the workplace, and all related topics. You’ll find news, tips, and links to resources. Again, it’s refreshing to see a Twitter profile where every tweet doesn’t have to be about driving people to a link.

Fortune’s Most Powerful Women

The best place for up-to-date information about the Most Powerful Women in business, philanthropy, government, education, and the arts.

From the Fortune MPW Summit interviews to coverage of women at the top of their field, Fortune focuses on compiling the best views, news and advice from highly visible and accomplished women in one place.

SCORE Biz Mentor

Small business experts provide free mentoring, resources and info to help you start, manage & grow your business.

Sure, you can run into a SCORE Mentor at a Web.com Live Business Forum event, or find one in your area – you can even get advice from SCORE mentors via email now. But in-between sessions, you can also get advice and advance notice of their free webinars by following them on Twitter.


eWomenNetwork is the Premier Women’s Business Network and rated the #1 resource for connecting and promoting women and their businesses worldwide.

eWomenNetwork’s Twitter account does a great job of both sparking discussions and raising issues from current events and news. You’ll also see quite a bit of conversation, as well as retweets of articles important to professional women. We had an interview with their President Sandra Yancey earlier this year.

Little Pink Book

America’s #1 digital destination and launch pad for professional women. Little PINK Book is your path to a beautiful career & a beautiful life! Hashtag: #LPB

One of the first awards Women Grow Business got in its previous incarnation was from Little Pink Book. But like all of the accounts on this list, they’ve earned their place as a top women in business resource on Twitter.

Part of the reasons is that Little Pink Book takes the stories of successful women from various sources and winds it into an ongoing narrative about how to achieve overall success in life as a working woman, not just in the workplace.

Project Eve

Project Eve encourages female entrepreneurs to communicate, collaborate and share actionable solutions minus the sharp elbows.

If you find accounts that update frequently a bit too much to keep up with, you may want to save this one for a time when you’re a bit more advanced. If you can overcome the idea that you’ll be overloaded with tweets, however, it’s well worth the follow.

Project Eve updates a lot – and if you’re not paying attention, you might think they mostly like to talk about themselves. But the vast majority of the updates are popular articles contributed by the members of the Project Eve Network.

As a result you get perspectives on small business, as well as women in business, from a diverse group of people, many who share our same struggles as entrepreneurs.

Know of More Amazing Twitter Accounts for Business Women?

While these Twitter accounts represent a sample of great resources for business women, it isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list. As we update our upcoming master list of Women in Business resources, we could certainly use your help in rounding out this list to say, the top 50 Twitter accounts to follow for women in business.

Please feel free to share your favorites in the comments or forums. And you can find more of our favorites in our dynamic Twitter list, Women in Business Watch, featuring over 300 accounts.

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