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19 Awesome and Useful Swag Ideas

I have been thinking about ordering some swag for my company to give away;  specifically, a golf umbrella, because it’s big, fits my family of four under it, and, for me anyway, is just one of those things that are good to have around.

This of course got me thinking about swag in general – what’s considered good swag? That answer is threefold: Good swag is useful, high-quality, and relevant.

After doing some research, here are 19 fun and different swag ideas:

  1. A care package that includes aspirin, Band-Aids, a snack, and a multivitamin supplement is great to hand out at a conference or tradeshow.
  2. iPhone or iPad covers are not cheap, but they are great to hand out to top customers.
  3. A fun or unique snack, like popcorn, Coffee Cereal, or s’mores-in-a-jar, will never go to waste.
  4. Mobile device chargers are probably the best idea I ever came across, especially for a conference or tradeshow.
  5. Seasonal items, like sunscreen, flip flops, and lip balm in the summer and hand and toe warmers and one-size-fits-all gloves in the winter are great. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need more of those items.
  6. Nice moleskin notebooks are another more expensive item that might be for top (or new) customers only, but they would most certainly get used.
  7. Aluminum water bottles are always handy, especially at a conference or tradeshow. They are sure to be used afterwards, like on the airplane ride home.
  8. Umbrellas that are compact and designed for travel are ideal (despite the fact that I want a huge one). I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need an extra umbrella.
  9. Light-weight reusable shopping bags might be getting ubiquitous, but if they can be folded into a small pouch, they would be super helpful.
  10. Hand sanitizer seems to be very popular, especially at a large event where you end up shaking so many hands.
  11. A USB loaded with an ebook turns the USB drive into something useful, rather than just-another-USB.
  12. Flashlight apps are easy to find and download, but what if your phone dies? Like umbrellas, a compact flashlight is always useful.
  13. Beanies could turn into the new baseball hat, especially if your target customers are young or your business is related to winter sports.
  14. Breath mints are a very thoughtful item that a lot of people would use.
  15. High-quality T-shirts featuring a witty saying or cool art that you can’t get anywhere else are super popular.
  16. High-quality pens don’t necessarily mean a Montblanc, but a nice writing instrument is something few people have. Again, this could be good for VIP or new customers.
  17. Leather luggage tags are perfect if your audience is composed of frequent travelers.
  18. High-quality sunglasses in a classic style, like an aviator, are unisex, useful, and always needed.
  19. A screwdriver with Phillips head on one side and flat head on the other will always come in handy, no matter who your customer is.

What do you give out as swag? What is your favorite piece of swag you ever got?

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Monika Jansen

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