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19 Easy Ways to Improve Your Customer Service
Awesome customer service

Did you know that when you’re talking on the phone, the smile on your face translates directly to happiness in your voice? And vice versa – if you’re feeling angry and frowning, your voice will reflect it.

It is so easy to do customer service right, and just as easy to do it very, very wrong. Providing great customer service will help you keep the customers you just spent all that time and money marketing to, and you will encourage word of mouth marketing, great reviews and glowing recommendations.

Here are some very easy ways – some small, some a little bigger – to improve your customer service:

1. Be nice

2. Be patient

3. Smile

4. Always say “thank you”

5. Always apologize – even if it’s not your fault, you can be sorry that they had a bad experience

6. Respond quickly

7. Offer a solution

8. Follow up with additional assistance

9. Commit random acts of kindness

10. Reduce barriers to action – make your website and mobile site, ecommerce site, and mobile app as easy to use as possible

11. Remind customers why they love your product or service by sharing their stories

12. Share your knowledge

13. Refresh content regularly so it’s up-to-date

14. Identify customers you are about to lose and put a program in place to keep them

15. Nurture and reward top customers

16. Make all of your customers feel special just by paying attention to them

17. Make it easy for customers to contact you

18. Ask customers how you can improve – what can you do better, what should you stop doing?

19. Make your customers laugh


What do you do for your customers that they love? How do you stand out with great customer service?

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Monika Jansen

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