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5 Strategy Lessons from CEOs – Good Strategy from Start-up to Sustaining by @TRethore
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5 Strategy Lessons from CEOs - Good Strategy from Start-up to Sustaining by @TRethore
23 January 2013

Blackboard, Inc. sprang onto the scene to become a well-recognized giant in education technology, seemingly overnight. Accused of steadily gobbling up its competitors, Blackboard – and its self-effacing CEO, Michael Chasen – instead doggedly pursued an idea to become InformationWeek 500’s Top Technology Innovator in 2010. Read more… to present more than two dozen Small Business Forums across the United States in 2013
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21 January 2013

Web. com Group, Inc (Nasdaq: WWWW) a leading provider of internet services and online marketing solutions, today announced that local help is on the way for small businesses eager to create or improve their internet presence. Web. Read more… employees teaming up to support the 110 With Donna!! #JAX
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18 January 2013

There is excitement at the Web. com HQ in Jacksonville, FL!  A team of 22 runners from all areas of the company, will be participating in the “110 with Donna” that is taking place the weekend of February 16-17, 2013, just about 4 weeks away. The 110 with Donna is a relay race individuals or corporate teams with 10 or more runners per team who collectively run 110 miles throughout the beaches community, from Ponte Vedra Beach, to Jacksonville Beach, Neptune and Atlantic Beaches.  The 110-mile event concludes with the 6th Annual 26.2 with Donna National Breast Cancer Marathon - the only marathon in the U.S. dedicated solely to raising funds to FINISH breast cancer. Read more…

Friday Small Business Roundup: 2013 Trends and More
eCommerce, internet marketing, news
18 January 2013

Are You Leaving Money in Customers’ Online Shopping Carts? Read Rieva Lesonsky’s post to find out. If you own a restaurant, don’t miss Karen Axelton’s post on 10 Menu Trends to Watch in 2013. Then get even more wide-ranging trends insights with Karen Axelton’s post on 100 Trends to Watch for 2013. Read more…

Setting the Tone for 2013- January Women in Business Twitter Discussion
Business, Events, Women In Business
Setting the Tone for 2013- January Women in Business Twitter Discussion
13 January 2013

Time for another Women in Business community discussion. In just a couple of days we’ll be half way through the first month of 2013 – and it still feel weird to type that, instead of 2012. Especially since the world didn’t end. Read more…

Friday Small Business Roundup: Boost Your Ecommerce Sales and More
eCommerce, hosting, internet marketing
11 January 2013

Do you need to hire this year? Read Maria Valdez Haubrich’s How to Tap Your Ex-Employees as a Hidden Hiring Resource  to get a head start. Get ready for a profitable year–read Rieva Lesonsky’s 10 Ways to Stay Competitive in 2013. Want to boost your website sales? Karen Axelton’s post How Email Can Drive Your Ecommerce Sales will give you some ideas. Read more…

“Why Do You Attend Conferences Like #NMX?”
Business, Tinu Abayomi-Paul, Women In Business
10 January 2013

The short reason for attending conferences that may not be at my skill level: people. The slightly longer explanation – and a slideshow filled with people from the New Media Expo- is below. A question I am asked a lot by peers is why I attend conferences and offline gatherings so much. Read more…

The Anonymity of Online Sales
internet marketing, Small Business Development, Small Business Resources
8 January 2013

One of the most fascinating things that I find about online shopping is the anonymity that is involved — on both sides.   Often, a customer buys from a small business online that they may not know a lot about . . Read more…

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