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3 Examples of Engaging B2B Infographics From Non-Visual Companies

It's a SaaS World InfographicIf you’re a B2B business operating in a decidedly non-visual industry, the idea of creating highly engaging visual marketing content probably leaves you scratching your head. How, for example, does one illustrate cloud computing – and make it interesting to boot?

However, as we’ll see in the following 3 infographics provided by my friends at NowSourcing, it is very doable.

Example 1: Cloud Computing

Who: ProfitBricks is a cloud computing Infrastructure-as-a-Service company.

Infographic: It’s a SaaS World

Why it works: Their infographic is a SaaS primer that covers how SaaS is different from other software delivery models, the history of SaaS and the future of cloud computing.

Fun fact: SalesForce was the first SaaS built from scratch to achieve rapid growth – back in 1999.

Example 2: Data and Mobile

Who: Qualcomm Spark, a platform that brings together the ecosystem of creators and inventors who are building the next amazing technologies

Infographic: The Perfect Data Storm

Why it works: Between the proliferation of mobile devices and the demand for big-data content (like video), the current mobile broadband networks are getting stretched to the max. This infographic illustrates that challenge and explores solutions.

Fun fact: Between 2012 and 2017, mobile video data will increase 16 fold, accounting for 2/3 of the world’s mobile data traffic.

Example 3: Salaries

Who: GradSchoolHub, an educational site that provides grad school-related resources and information.

Infographic: How to Negotiate a Higher Salary

Why it works: It combines useful and actionable information with interesting statistics in a visual way.

Fun fact: Only 7% of women negotiate a starting salary, while 57% of men do.

Has your B2B company created infographics? How did it help your marketing efforts?

Image courtesy of ProfitBricks

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