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3 Inspiring Small Business Snapchat Campaigns
small business snapchat campaigns

Think Snapchat is only for big brands? Think again! If you are trying to reach the 13-to-34 age group, these inspiring small business Snapchat campaigns will have you excited about trying out the insanely fast-growing social media network.

Here’s what small businesses are doing on Snapchat:

Passing around the account

Squeeze In is a family-owned breakfast and lunch chain of restaurants in California. Kay Salerno, who handles social media (and yes, is part of the family), gives a different employee at a different restaurant access to her Snapchat account each weekend.

The result? Super fun, engaging snaps from different viewpoints. Employees snap photos and videos of food prep in the kitchen, customer interactions in the “front of the house” and behind-the-scenes moments, like secret employee handshakes in the hallway.

Takeaway: Let your employees in on the game. They’ll offer a unique perspective that you can’t.

Partnering with bloggers

UsTrendy lets fashion bloggers take over their account for a day. The bloggers are asked to try on clothes and post photos and videos of themselves – and of course they share everything with their own followers, which really extends UsTrendy’s reach.

As you might imagine, UsTrendy has found that this approach generates much more engagement than straightforward product shots.

Takeaway: Working with outsiders is the smartest way to reach and engage with even more people. Just make sure your attorney draws up airtight guidelines first.

Serving up mini scavenger hunts

GrubHub is most definitely not a small business anymore (they’re a public company), but any small business can do what they’re doing. They use Snapchat’s Story feature to post a series of food-related photos that ultimately reveal a promo code for their services (online food delivery and takeout).

Takeaway: Pictures of delicious food linked to promo codes–what’s not to love about that? As long as your small business creates highly visual products, you can definitely give this idea a try.

So, what are you waiting for? Give Snapchat a try – and be sure to let us know how it goes!

Stories sourced from Forbes and Co.Create

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