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3 Online Guerilla Marketing Tools

Online guerilla marketing takes advantage of using tools and tactics that other, usually larger companies are not so willing to try. Guerilla marketing uses unconventional tactics to promote a product or idea. So online guerilla marketing uses those unconventional tactics via social media.

“Conventional” tactics are traditional “spray-and-pray” advertisements. They’re everywhere. That means we need something people will find useful, and put it in the places where they already are.


Blogging has been around since the mid-90s, but you would be surprised at the number of companies that still aren’t using it. Start a company blog to talk about frequently asked questions, customer service issues, solve problems your clients have, and keep them informed about industry trends and changes.


Connect with people on Twitter and answer those same questions and problems from your blog. If you can answer someone in 140 characters or less, do so. If not, steer them toward the appropriate blog post. But never, ever tell people to buy your products. Instead, just help people out as much as you can. They’ll buy from you once they trust you.


This is the most guerilla of them all. Google+ may not be the raging success that the search giant hoped it would be, but people are on it. And because it’s not so big, that means your competition isn’t on it, but you may have a few customers who are. Best of all, content shared on Google+ shows up in the search engine results. If you want to improve your own search results, share your blog posts and other interesting articles to Google+.


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