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3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Mobile Advertising

Web.com SmartCalls Product for Mobile Advertising

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to promote your business and connect with new customers. Mobile advertising is a great way to get the attention of people searching for your products or services—at the very point when they’re ready to buy. Because mobile has the power to help you find more customers, it’s important to consider its potential for your business.

To start, think about how you use your desktop computer and your mobile phone. When you’re using your work or home computer, you’re often researching topics or planning actions that you’ll take in the future, actions that are typically not urgent in nature. When you’re on the go, however, you generally use your mobile phone with greater urgency, such as searching for restaurant directions or making reservations for dinner.

Now apply that concept to your business. When consumers are searching for your products or services on their mobile phone, they’re usually looking to fulfill an immediate need—and they’re usually searching at an opportune time in their purchase cycle. That’s why it’s important that they find your business during their search . . . and that’s where the advantage of mobile advertising comes in.

Let’s look at three benefits of mobile advertising, which can help your business:

  1. Connect with more customers.
    Mobile search ads are presented to smartphone users who are near your business location or who match a keyword search. Mobile ads can be set up to cover a specific area—or you can expand your advertising to cover many locations. Either way, mobile marketing is centered on location-based searches and will deliver local customers to your business—customers who have the potential to become loyal followers.

    Mobile marketing has increased 149% in 2011. By combining some of the best features of the internet, along with portability and location-based technology, mobile advertising is enabling marketers to deliver timely, targeted, relevant, and local advertisements in a manner that was not previously possible.

    — IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report

  2. Track your marketing investment.
    If you invest in marketing, you want to ensure that your advertising is returning results. SmartCalls, a new Web.com product, allows you to track the activity generated by your mobile advertising campaign. Your scorecard provides you with the campaign activity, ad creative, leads received, and the calls received and missed. Additionally, you’ll be able to listen to the calls that you received via your campaign. By tracking and analyzing your mobile marketing activity, you’ll be able to spend more of your advertising dollars where they work the hardest!
  3. Boost your search engine rankings.
    In addition to gaining higher search results by frequently updating your website content, you’ll find that mobile advertising can also give you a boost in search engine placement. By selecting the right keywords and showcasing your business in mobile ads, you help to place your ad above your competitors’ ads for relevant searches. Plus, if you’re running a mobile ad campaign AND your website is optimized for natural search listings, you increase the potential to show up on search engines . . . and generate new customers for your business.

So if you’re interested in getting started with mobile advertising, Web.com’s new mobile advertising product, SmartCalls, can help your business get noticed online, receive targeted calls, and track your marketing investment—all at an affordable price. Call 1-800-214-1460 today to find out how you can use SmartCalls to connect with new customers.

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