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3 Reputation Management Tips for Home Services Pros

Home service pros rely on word of mouth for spreading the word about their business and reputation. Thanks to social media, that part of their job has become both easier and more difficult.

How so? For one thing, if you do a good job, people will tell their friends. When someone posts on Facebook that they’re looking for a home service pro, their friends will chime in with the name of “their guy.” And the new client will call up the professional given to them by the person they trust the most. On the other hand, it means if you do a bad job, they’ll tell their social networks as well.

So how can you manage your reputation to make sure your reputation is protected and people will call you?

1. Set Up a Google Alert for Your Name.

A Google alert can tell you whenever new occurrences of your name or company name are created, which saves you from having to check every day. Go to Google.com/alerts, set up new alerts for your terms.  You will receive emails on these terms on a daily basis, or as they appear — you can determine how frequently you want to be notified.

2. Respond Publicly and Positively to Any Complaints

If there are any complaints about you online, don’t argue, don’t fight back. Apologize and offer to fix it. You may have to swallow your pride, but when people see that you tried to make it better, they’ll know you’re focused on doing good work and keeping customers happy.

3. Post Testimonials to Your Website

Make sure you have a testimonials page on your website, then post any testimonials you receive. Site visitors will see how many happy customers you have and be more apt to trust you.


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