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3 Search Tactics for Mobile Search

As mobile web traffic continues to grow, marketers need to realize that mobile search engine optimization is an entirely different animal than “desktop SEO.” For one thing, Google counts at least 50 different signals on a mobile site than they do a desktop site. For another, when people search for your site on their phone, they want a simple, pared down experience.

So here are three things you need to do to win mobile search for whenever someone is out and about and looking for you.

1. Have a Mobile Website

While this idea is still up for debate between mobile marketing professionals, we’re going to play it safe and say “get one.” Get a mobile domain, a different server, and a whole new website. If you can afford it, get a mobile web developer (not app developer, but a mobile web designer) to create it for you.

2. Keep Your Mobile Site Simple

This means no Flash (it doesn’t work on an iPhone or iPad), no 10 minute long HD movies, body text that’s longer than 300 words, and no extra widgets and gadgets. While many people are on the faster 4G network, there are still plenty of people using 3G. And while it was considered fast a few years ago, it’s not fast enough to load all the stuff on your page. If your page takes too long to load, the people will leave and not come into your store.

3. Practice Local SEO Tactics

There are new SEO tactics you can use on your site, like Schemas or putting your business on Google+ that will help Google recognize that your site is in the same city as the search users, and deliver your site to the top of the search results.


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