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3 Social Media Tools Salons and Spas Should Use

Salons and spas that want to take advantage of social media’s popularity should look at these three tools as a way to promote their business online.


This is the sharing site that lets you show your friends, “I like this!” by pinning things you find online, or photos you take. Pin something to your board, and your Pinterest (and Facebook) friends will see it and repin it. It’s become a smash hit, especially among women, who make up anywhere from 58% to 97% of their total traffic, depending on who you talk to. Take photos of new products, new techniques, and even of your best work, and pin it. Ask your clients to do the same.


Another photo sharing site, but this one is only of the photos you take; you won’t share things you find online. By applying some fun, artsy filters to the photos, you can take pictures of clients, your salon or spa’s new decor, or even after a fun day with friends. You can even encourage your clients to share photos of themselves on Instagram and Facebook, which you can then Like, or even pin to your Pinterest boards.


Yelp is a review site where people can give reviews of restaurants, clothing stores, and — you guessed it — salons and spas. While you won’t be able to write reviews about your own place, keep an eye on your own entry to see what’s being said about you. Encourage clients to leave positive reviews, and if someone leaves a negative one, respond positively and publicly. Let others see you solve customer service issues.


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