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3 Tools Every Gift Shop Should Use

A gift shop’s success is based on the visual aspect of what they do. People need to see the items to buy them. So how do you get them interested in your gifts when they’re not in the store, but without spending a lot of money on advertising?

There are three social media tools every gift shop owner can use to build interest and traffic to their stores.


Start a Facebook page for your store, and invite your customers to like it. Then, communicate with them on a regular basis, but for more than just promoting your store’s items. Ask questions, like “what was the best gift you ever received?” or “what’s the funniest gift you ever gave?” to keep people coming back and interacting with your page. It will teach them to check out what you have to say on a regular basis.


Instagram is a mobile app that lets you take photos, apply creative filters, and share them with your Instagram network, as well as Facebook. Take photos of some of the cool stuff in your store, especially as it comes in, and share it via Instagram.


Pinterest is another app that works on your laptop or your mobile phone. See a picture of something you like, and pin it to your “board.” While most people use it to pin pictures of things they find on the Internet, you can also use it to pin the Instagram photos you shared on Facebook. Pinterest is also a good way to take photos of stock items you’re thinking about bringing in to the store and asking your customers for their opinion.


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