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3 Ways to Get Your Story Into Google News – And Why You Should Bother
26 November 2013

google-doodle-fttThere’s often a lot of focus on getting your site to rank in Google Web search that another route to more potential customers is frequently overlooked – Google News.

Why Should Your Business Story Be In Google News?

First, if you’re already trying to get noticed in other parts of Google, a little extra work could get you more exposure in an area where there’s less competition for eyes.

After all, you’re already producing the content. Or as Search Engine Land tells us:

…what would you say if I said your site could earn 10% more clicks from Google with very little extra work? Would 20% more clicks interest you? What if the number was 30% or more?

You can get that kind of extra traffic from Google News, and it can come faster.

Second, reading the news is one of the top things people do when they come online. 85% of US Adults use the internet, according to Pew Internet Research. 78% of adult internet users come online to check the news.

Since the top activity is to use a search engine, it’s tempting to stop there for additional exposure. But if you can increase the amount of targeted visitors who visit your site just by getting that same content in different hands – and often get results sooner – isn’t it worth the extra effort?

How Do You Get a Story to Show Up in Google News?

There are three main ways. The first way, of course, is to submit a press release (or an article) to a site that appears in Google News.

Of course, you can submit your press release to many of the services that will share it in Google News for a fee. You can also often find smaller publications that accept free or low cost press releases.

However, this is a bit of extra work for a yield that will be less than the one you pay $25 – $100 to do. If it takes you an hour, will that extra hour be worth the savings?

Using the services that guarantee your inclusion for a fee- is often worth it to increase widen your exposure and know for sure your press release will appear. But by submitting to the smaller sites, you can increase your exposure within targeted niches that are often more likely to buy as well.

When you do this, remember that the point of the exercise is not necessarily getting the press release to rank in Google for a specific term, or to get links. The primary reason is to reach your intended audience, either directly or through the publications they already read.

To find smaller publications in Google News that will accept your press release, go to Google News and enter a phrase people use when attempting to find your site.

For example, if you own a restaurant in Denver, you could search for “places to eat denver“. This will give you a list of all the articles and press releases about that topic that recently published a piece mentioning those words.

Now, go to each site and see if they are accepting press releases. Review their guidelines and submit your release. If you find a place that accept articles, videos, whitepapers, infographics or some other type of content, make note of them for the second method.

To prevent the need to continue to check back to see if your release was published, you can create an alert on the headline in Topsy, Google Alerts or Mention – updates will be set to you via email.

The second way to get into Google News is to be published in a publication that already gets exposure from Google News in the form of blog posts or news stories.

You don’t have to be a marketing genius to understand the benefits of being published in a prominent publication with a byline that points back to your site, versus the amount of money you’d have to spend in advertising to get that same level of exposure.

The search process is the same as in the first method using news releases. You’ll just want to spend more time getting a feel for the publication so that you can tweak whatever content you have prepared to appeal to that audience.

Find at least five publications that resonate with you and your company, as well as the type of content you can provide. I cannot emphasize this point enough — read the publication to get a feel for it. Realize you may not be accepted to each resource that accepts a submission from you- reading the guidelines and acting on that information can decrease this problem dramatically. If just one publication accepts you, it can expose you to an audience that otherwise would never hear about you.

This method is also a bit harder because you will often be asked to submit only completely unique content. You may not be guaranteed publication either – which can be a plus, as this also means low quality competition cannot follow you here.

Don’t let that scare you.

The third way to get into Google News is to become a Google News publisher yourself. It’s not quick, it’s not easy, and it’s not for people who don’t have staff that can publish daily news, as Google News does not accept publications which only have one writer.

For some, particularly communities that can have no major representation online, this option has a lot of potential. If that sounds like you, and you can afford to wait months before reaping the full fruits of your labor, read on.

In 2009, there were 25,000 of these sites which shared the one billion clicks that Google news sent to it, per month. The clicks can’t possibly be distributed evenly, however a shot at 40,000 extra visitors a month is reason enough to make the attempt if you meet all the other criteria.

Most existing sites so you may need to make major modifications or build a new one.

Before you build the site, examine Google’s technical requirements for Google News publishers. Review the Google News publisher guidelines even if you have seen them before, as they may change from time to time.

Also study guides on becoming a Google News publisher from reputable search publications. You can also find communities where people have gone through the application process to become a Google News publisher, and review their feedback for clues.

These three methods can help you get into Google’s news database, sometimes faster than you would show up in search. And even in cases where the risk of being rejected is higher, the rewards as as well.

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