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365 Acounts to Follow on Twitter for Women in Business

Twitter can be a frustrating social media network for a new person to join.

They point out in their free tutorial for business owners that  business owners can use their site for:

  • contextual marketing in real time

  • gathering marketing intelligence

  • advertising

  • learning from peers as well as customer behavior and interests

– among other things.

But if you’re not familiar with Twitter it’s hard to understand what it can be used for upon first glance. It’s tempting to disregard it as a social platform until you find a use for it.

A site that only allows you 140 characters at a time may not seem like the ideal place for learning, but if you’re new, it may help to think of it as a portal through which information can flow to you, as well as a place to ask questions and get feedback.

For women in business, Twitter is a great place to get fresh updates directly from female business leaders, resources for women in business, technology and media, or organizations for business women.

Following a company or association on Twitter gives you the opportunity to observe and learn, both about organizations, and various styles of using Twitter successfully.  This can function as a type of trial period, during which you decide whether or not you find the resources they provide useful before you give them access to your email address or make a purchase.

And of course you can borrow some of those lessons for your own usage of Twitter, alongside the aforementioned free information for businesses on Twitter.

Below is a list of 365 Twitter accounts related to women in business, including accounts from women business leaders, women in technology or media, as well as news and organizations catering to the business woman. Curation is on-going so the number may hover above or below 365 as we update the list and remove the occasional dormant account.

See one we missed? Disagree with one of our choices? Respond in the comments section and we’ll consider your input during the next edit.


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