4 Bloggers and Their Business: Why This Year Rocked!
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4 Bloggers and Their Business: Why This Year Rocked!

This year has brought great impact and change to many of the blogger community here (and it’s the launch year of Women Grow Business to boot!). Many bloggers have shared recently what they’re most grateful for in their businesses in 2009.

The first few:

Liz Scherer 2009-09-11 at 18.03 #2-1

Liz Scherer, producer of Flashfree:

I’m thankful for a wonderful team of consultants who challenge, stimulate and create; an amazing local community that has allowed me to develop and grow; an evolving interest in women’s health that frequently provides fodder for my blogging efforts.


Thursday Bram, founder of Hyper Modern Consulting:

I’ve realized I can create successful projects beyond working for freelancing clients. And this year, my success in my business has allowed my husband and I to purchase a home. Also this year I was able to hire an assistant who’s happy to take on tasks that have gotten in the way of my writing, letting me get back to the work I love.


Shana Glickfield, producer of DC Concierge:

It’s been an incredible year meeting an amazing community of women entrepreneurs. I’ve started working with clients who understand the benefits (and pitfalls) of social media. I’m really grateful for the social technology that enables so much of these connections and my work.

Jen Nedeau

Jen Nedeau, media consultant/director of digital strategy for AirAmerica Media:

This year I was thrilled to see AirAmerica received the most web traffic in its existence during the month of November 2009. A great organization I volunteer for, the New Leaders Council, doubled in size going from five to 11 chapters across the country. And this will end up training more than 200 young progressives this year on how to be better, more successful leaders. I’ve been editor at WomensRights.Change.Org which turns one year old this year and continues to drive discussion about the feminist movement.

What about your business? What benchmarks and successes are you grateful for?


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  2. Hi ERandomThree – Thanks for visiting. Would you clarify your question please? By all means, please share what you're thankful for in your business this year in the comments too!

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