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4 Things Small Businesses Can Do to Establish Their Online Presence

In a previous article, we talked about four things businesses can do to help their social media marketing. We mentioned blogging, Twitter, and Facebook Pages as some of the best tools you can use for social media marketing. But we didn’t tell you how to use them. So here are four simple ways to establish your business’ online presence.

1. Invite Guest Bloggers to Post to Your Blog

Guest blogging is a great way to promote your blog to a whole new audience. You’re not only bringing in someone new who will interest your readers, but that guest writer will also share their article (and your blog) to their own network.

Real-life networking

Networking with people in a real-world setting is vital to growing your business

“I’ve guest published a new post on Agatha Messerschmitt’s blog at AgathaMesserschmitt.com. Please check it out.”

This will bring in new traffic to your blog, where hopefully people will check out your own work as well, sign up for your newsletter or RSS feed of your posts (a notification system that tells people when you’ve published a new blog post), and become your readers as well. Eventually you’ll do some guest blogging as well, which also brings in new readers to your blog.

2. Run Facebook Ads

We like Facebook ads, because it’s a way to target people on the world’s most popular advertising channel, without spending a lot of money. Facebook allows you to target a certain demographic — say, married women between 40 – 60, living in Ohio — and lets you spend a small amount of money per ad click. In other words, someone clicks the ad, you pay that amount.

You can then measure the click-through rate, and see how many people visited the ad. From there, you can see how many people took advantage of your offer, or heeded your call to action. You can easily calculate whether you made money on the campaign, and keep it, change it, or drop it completely.

3. Start a #Tweetchat

A tweetchat is basically a public chat room on Twitter. You use a #hashtag (a one word topic of discussion preceded by a #, like #marketing or #SmallBusinessOwner) and everyone else who is interested in participating will be able to follow along. Use a tool like Tweetchat.com to keep up with the discussion in real time.

Pick a day and time (usually for an hour), and invite your Twitter network to join in the discussion. As participants’ followers see their part of the discussion, they may also join in. It’s a good idea to participate in a couple tweetchats before you start your own, just to see how they work.

4. Network In Person

Attend different business networking events, like your local Chamber of Commerce, industry groups, professional associations, or even different entrepreneur groups like BNI (Business Networkers International). This is where you meet people who share similar business interests, own their own businesses, and are well-connected within their community and their industry. As you get to know people, you’ll also tell them where they can find more information about you.

There are literally thousands of things you can do to establish your online presence. But it makes sense to start slow and master a few tactics before you find new ones to try. These are a good start, and can be done quickly and easily, but give you excellent results if you continue to work at them.

About the author: is the president and founder of Firebelly Marketing. He is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and photographer, and he’s working on his first social media marketing book, which will be out in late 2012. Duncan has lived on 3 continents and in 5 countries, but is proud to call Indianapolis home.

Photo credit: ElliottNg (Flickr, Creative Commons)


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