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4 Top News Resources for Business Women in Leadership Roles


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You could literally spend an entire day combing through the web and never run out of material on women in leadership.

So why narrow it down to 4 sites on news for Women in Leadership roles?

One word: time.

If you only have a few minutes to get the overview of what’s happening in the world of female business leadership today, where do you go?

Here are the top choices, in no particular order.

4 News Sites for Women in Leadership Roles

Huffington Post Women’s Career and Money Section


Why It’s Worth a Daily Peek:

Huffington Post Women’s Career and Money section is the place for you to go if you want a wide variety of sub-topics to choose from within the subject of women in business. In addition to featuring articles on topics of varying subjects, the writers are a diverse group as well. On any given day you’ll find a few articles by fellow entrepreneurs, authors and scholars in the featured posts section, mixed in with pieces by regular columnists.

CNN’s Leading Women



Why It’s Worth a Daily Peek:

Long before our Women Grow Business community members were featured in CNN Leading Women’s column for the first time, it’s been a favorite of ours. The online representation of the CNN Leading Women on-air segment looks at women leaders at the top of many fields from small business to film, rather than focusing on just C-level executives. Going beyond updates, you often get the story behind the sound bite from some of the most famous and powerful women in the world, in addition to the advice they share in interviews.

The CNN Leading Women journalists also make a concerted effort to expand to a widening range of our professional female peers, in periodic open calls for us to share words of wisdom with each other.

Forbes Woman


Why It’s Worth a Daily Peek:

Forbes Woman features writing from their own columnists as well as guests from resources that made one of their “tops” lists. Which is another reason to read Forbes Woman – from time to time they’ll give you a summary of the top resources related to the topic of women leaders, such as the best websites for women, or the richest women in America.

They’ve also added a splendid array of short videos that exclusively feature Forbes Woman stories.

Fortune MPW



Why It’s Worth a Daily Peek:

Fortune MPW (Most Powerful Women) gives you news on a narrow niche of business women leadership – the women they deem to be the most powerful. So when you’re looking for updated news articles on a woman entrepreneur who is frequently in national news, it’s a safe bet that you can get an update here.

Their yearly summit for Fortune’s Most Powerful Women is not hurting their cause either. Below is one of their speakers Katharine Frase , the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of IBM Public Sector, on the Best Advice she’d ever gotten.

Have you got a favorite news site for business women in leadership roles that we’ve forgotten? Please share your favorites in the comments. As we continue to compile a master resource list for Women in Business, we’ll be consolidating our choices with the best of yours.
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