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4 Ways Podcasting Can Turbocharge Your Marketing Strategy

Want to turbocharge your marketing strategy, build your brand, and have fun doing it? Try podcasting.

Before we dive into specifics, let’s review what podcasting is: A podcast is an audio file that you can publish on your website for your audience to listen to.

Podcasting has two major benefits that are not really marketing-related but good to cover anyway: 1 – Podcasting gives people the freedom to listen to your audio clips on the go, and 2 – Many people learn better by listening rather than reading.

Podcasting also has a few awesome benefits that are definitely marketing-related – here are the top 4:

Podcasts can boost Web traffic

The simple act of recording some of your blog posts and turning them into short podcasts will pique interest in you and what you have to say. You will set yourself apart – your blog is not all text! It includes audio! That added interest will drive people to your website, where you can entice them to linger and learn more about what it is you do.

Podcasts can help you build valuable relationships

Podcasts will absolutely help you build relationships with your audience, but you’ll also likely build them with influencers. You never know how a relationship with an influencer will affect you – they could become a source of referrals, mention you once and trigger a flood of inquiries from prospects, become a friend, or hire you to work with them on a project.

Podcasts can help you land speaking gigs

A popular series of podcasts can lead to speaking gigs. The quality, reach, and popularity of your podcasts demonstrate your expertise and your ability to convey information in a lively, informative, and riveting way. It’s a great way to transition into speaking gigs, which will allow you to raise your profile.

Podcasts can help you increase lead generation

If you choose to record podcasts on evergreen topics or as a valuable series of how-to’s, package those podcasts as a product and use them for lead generation. You can offer them as a free download, paid online course, or even turn them into an ebook.

Have you tried podcasting? What other benefits have you enjoyed?

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Monika Jansen

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