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5 Steps for a Successful Google+ Hangout

Google HangoutGoogle+ is the oft-overlooked social media network, and I think that’s mostly true because when it launched last year, everyone let out a collective groan: “Seriously? Another social media network we have to use and pay attention to? No thanks.”

However, Google+ is important to use for two reasons: 1) Since Google basically controls search and therefore search rankings, their own tools get preference, and 2) Google+ is a growing network with 400M users and counting.

One of its unique features is the Google Hangout, a visual chat room that allows up to 15 people to converse at once; you can have as many viewers as you’d like. You can use them for meetings, casual webinars, chats with industry experts, seminars or how-to classes, or even press conferences.

Whatever you decide to use it for, I found a great guide on Marketo’s blog on how to set up a successful hangout. Here is a checklist to make sure you don’t miss any details:

Step 1: Set up a Google event

  • Check “On Air Event” so you can both live-stream and record it for later
  • Include keywords in your topic and details, and tag participants
  • Make sure everyone has headphones, or all ambient noise will be picked up and thus ruin the recording

Step 2: Promote the hangout

  • Create custom artwork for the event
  • Create a Lower Third for each participant, which will show their name and affiliate during the hangout
  • Share the event on all social media channels and in your blog

Step 3: Set it up

  • Invite all speaking participants to join you 10-15 minutes early for a sound and camera check
  • Upload your Lower Third
  • Ask someone to participate as a moderator to monitor chat and questions

Step 4: Chill out

  • Remember that a hangout is not meant to be a formal webinar or seminar
  • Keep it casual and let your personality shine through
  • If the conversation goes off on a tangent, that’s OK

Step 5: Edit and share the recording

  • Download the YouTube recording and edit
  • Reupload to your YouTube account and add the link to your event
  • Share the link

Have you hosted a Google Hangout? How’d it go? What other tips would you add to ensure a succesful event?

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