5 Tips For Starting an E-Commerce Business
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5 Tips For Starting an E-Commerce Business

monopoly-e-commerce Many first-time business owners can figure out how to create a website, but don’t know where to begin when running an online company, especially in this post-recession economy. Many entrepreneurs see the potential of an ecommerce business but just don’t know where to start.

As someone who’s been there before and came out on the other side successfully, I have five nuggets of wisdom to offer those that are considering an ecommerce business as an additional means of income:

Choose an area of trade you’re passionate about.

Sell something you have a personal connection to or feel connected to. That connection will allow the marketing ideas to flow more easily. Remember that your business will take over a huge part of your life, so it’s important that you won’t grow tired of the industry within a short period of time.

Sell something you have experience with, a connection too, or are familiar with.

Knowing your product intimately and having first-hand experience with the particular industry will give you the step up above the competition. My first ecommerce company was an online maternity store. At the time it was a great fit for me because I was pregnant and knew exactly what I wanted wear as a mother-to-be.

Evaluate your time constraints in running your ecommerce business.

Will the products you’re selling require more inventory management and website updating then your schedule will allow? Be realistic about demands for the type of product you hope to sell and the actual time you have. When my son was born, I sold my maternity clothing company so I could allocate my time as needed. Once I knew what the maternal demands on my time would be, I was able to start Pure-Ecommerce.com to help other business owners and entrepreneurs create and run a successful ecommerce company.

Decide if you want your ecommerce business to be a part time or full time endeavor.

Then choose an Internet business that falls in line with those expectations. An ecommerce business is great because of the vast flexibility it allows, but setting expectations for the type of company you want to own is a big step in creating it the way you want.

Evaluate your income expectations.

How much do you hope to or need to make? Do your research so you can make a solid determination on the potential sales for the product you’re selling so you can make realistic financial and time investments.

The recession provided many with the perfect opportunity to start their own business. My goal is to help dozens of recession-battered, laid off employees and Stay-at-Home Moms and Dads find an alternative means of new, reliable income.

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Jennifer Varner created Pure-Ecommerce.com after gaining experience and success through one of the largest online maternity clothing stores. Jennifer designed Pure-Ecommerce.com to provide entrepreneurs with complete, ready to go, Internet companies in addition to 40 hours of methodical e-commerce consultation and training. Jennifer also started Kilian’s Kids, a non-profit organization designed to provide laptop computers to children with cancer or serious illness. You can connect with her on Twitter at @pureecommerce.



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  1. Sell something you have experience with – Yes, but don’t just list product after product. Write about the products you sell. Create additional content that goes beyond a sterile product description. Consumers find that helpful. Make them feel relate to you.

    A useful side effect – it will help your search engine ranking.

    Also keep in mind that eCommerce is changing rapidly. 5 years ago all you needed was a web site. Well now you’ll need to think about mobile and other touch points too. Consumers have changed their behaviour radically. Best thing to figure out what your potential group of consumer want is to watch yourself and your friends and family. (i.e. do they use their mobiles to shop, how many have tablets, how long are the willing to wait – that’s where drop ship and no inventory might back fire.) That all will give you a very good first clue on what you have to offer.

  2. When starting an ecommerce business or any business you will need to do your homework. Definitely choose a product line, concept and target market you are passionate about because it will drive your creativity. Be passionate about what you are doing and you will enjoy every moment of owning this type of business. An ecommerce business is an excellent way to enable you to work from home and have your freedom to work the schedule that fits your family. I have owned my ecommerce business, http://www.magicalmomentsboutique.com, since January 2011. I have loved every moment of it! Not knowing much about owning or starting an ecommerce business I sought the guidance and expertise of Pure-Ecommerce. By using their services I was able to start and build an excellent website business. They taught me everything I needed to know to succeed in the every changing world of the web.

  3. I have always had such respect (and awe) of people who own and run their own businesses and now I am one of those people! I certainly could never pull off something like this without education and support and being a total control freak, floundering my first year is just not my style! Enter @puree-commerce to provide me all the tools I need as well as that all important sense of control! I am now the proud owner of http://www.runninghightees.com and doing what I love and loving what I am doing!

  4. Starting my own business was a big step for me. I definitely never saw myself becoming a business owner at this stage in my life. However, I came to find out it was actually the perfect time to take the leap into business ownership. With both of my children entering elementary school, I felt it was time that I could begin contributing to the family income again. Finding @Pure-EcommerceJenVarner was a blessing. The more I learned from Jennifer about running an e-commerce business, the more I felt it was the right fit for our family. Having never run a business before I was truly starting from scratch and I’m so glad that I chose to work with @Pure-EcommerceJenVarner to start this journey. Now my business http://www.kidsdecorinc.com is going strong and offers me the flexibility our family needed.

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