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5 Ways to Generate More Leads

Looking to generate more leads for your business? Who isn’t? Try the techniques below to jump-start your lead generation program.

1. Try a pay-per-click ad campaign

The nice thing about PPC advertising for small business owners is that you can easily set limits on your spending, and you can also target customers very specifically. Google AdWords is where most small businesses start when it comes to PPC, but you can also place PPC ads on Bing to completely cover the bases. If your target market is likely to hang out on Facebook, this can also be a great place to try PPC ads.

2. Use landing pages wisely

Whenever you place a PPC ad, make sure you create a landing page just for that ad. You don’t want customers to click on the link, only to end up on the home page of your website feeling lost. For instance, if you sell baby and children’s products online and your PPC ad is targeting customers who shop for baby strollers, the link should take them to the page on your website that sells baby strollers, not the home page or the page that sells toddler toys. If your ad is for a special offer, such as one particular product on sale for a limited time, create a special landing page just for that product and make sure it has a clear call to action. The fewer clicks customers have to make in order to purchase, the better.

3. Improve your local search presence

If your business relies on a local customer base, make sure that your business has a presence on all local search directories and that your listings there are current and complete. The more information you can add, the better, so include photos, maps/directions, your menu or whatever will make customers more likely to click on your link than on your competitors’. Also fine-tune your SEO by regularly checking what keywords you’re using and making sure they still get results.

4. Tap into old leads

Especially if you have the type of product or service that typically requires a long decision-making process, customers may express interest, seem very close to buying and then decide not to buy—but that doesn’t mean these leads are stone cold. The prospect may be gathering more information, saving more money for the big purchase or otherwise still considering buying what you sell. Reach out to these leads in a direct but unintrusive way, such as by sending an email or sales letter, or making a phone call. Refer to your prior contact if you had one so that you let them know this isn’t a cold call: “Hi Susan, several months ago you contacted us about XYZ product…”. Often, customers will feel guilty about leaving you hanging and call back. You may also want to whet their appetite by making a special offer. If you use CRM software, you can set it up to remind you to contact leads after a certain period of time.

5. Work your network

It’s an oldie, but a goodie: When your lead generation channels are running dry, turn to your networks—both online and off. Reach out to colleagues and connections, both business and personal, to see if they know anyone who might be in the market for what you sell. See if you can get some introductions; if they result in sales, be sure to thank the person who gave you the referral!

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Rieva Lesonsky

Rieva Lesonsky

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