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5 Ways You Can Use Email to Boost Ecommerce Sales

Are you looking for ways to increase sales at your ecommerce site? Good old email marketing could be your best bet. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing drives three times as many online sales as social media advertising. Try these tips to make your email marketing more effective:

  1. Create urgency. Limited-time offers are a good way to get customers to take action. Instill a sense of urgency with subject lines that urge customers not to wait—words like “Hurry,” “Final Hours,” or “Today Only” will get them moving (and clicking).
  2. Use landing pages. Every email marketing message you send should link to a specific landing page with a call to action. For instance, if your home décor website sends an email about a sale on lamps, the link should go directly to the lamp section of your site or (even better) specifically to the lamps that are on sale. This makes it as simple as possible for them to buy.
  3. Customize your emails. Instead of general emails, send targeted email messages based on past customer behavior. For example, if someone bought swimsuits from you last summer, send them an email about this summer’s new swimsuit selection. You can also develop targeted emails based on the products customers have browsed on your site or what’s in their shopping carts.
  4. Get carts moving again. Speaking of shopping carts, did you know many customers now use them as “holding places” for merchandise they’re considering? Send emails reminding customers they have the items sitting in their cart, and sweeten the pot with an offer like free shipping or 10 percent off.
  5. Keep customers on the list. Of course you have to offer customers the option to unsubscribe—but don’t make it easy for them. Instead, create an unsubscribe page that has a wide range of options. For instance, instead of unsubscribing altogether, ask if customers want to get emails once a week or once a month instead of daily, or if they want to take a break from your list and start receiving emails again in six months. (This is an especially smart tactic after the holiday shopping season, when many customers feel inundated with marketing emails and want to clean out their overloaded inboxes.) The more options you offer, the better your chances that customers will decide not to unsubscribe after all.

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Rieva Lesonsky

Rieva Lesonsky

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