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6 Steps to Designing a Website That Generates Leads
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One of the simplest ways to generate more leads for your small business is to get your business website to do it for you. The way your website is designed can help—or hinder—your ability to generate leads. Here are 6 steps to take to boost your website’s lead-generating capabilities.

1. Define what a lead means to you. What you consider a “lead” may vary depending on your business. Figure out what you want visitors to your website to do so that they’ll become leads. Do you want them to call your business? Fill out a form? Email you? Make an appointment for a consultation? By defining what action you want site visitors to take, you’ll be able to develop specific calls to action.

2. Have a call to action on every page. A website page without a call to action is just wasting space. It should be clear on each page what you want customers to do—whether that’s “Call now,” “Make an appointment for a FREE consultation,” “Add to cart,” “Download our Free Report,” and more.

3. Include your business’s contact phone number and physical address. This probably sounds obvious, but apparently it’s not–you’d be surprised at how many small businesses bury their phone number in tiny type at the bottom of the home page, make users click on a “Contact” page to reach it, or don’t include a physical address at all. Make sure your phone number is prominent at the top of every page of your site. Even if you are an ecommerce business and customers never come to your location, a physical address makes them feel confident in your company and that you’re not a fly-by-night operation.

4. Be upfront. You want the most important information on each page of your site to be “above the fold.” This term, left over from newspaper publishing, refers to the part of the site that can be seen without scrolling down. Studies have shown people are more likely to go from page to page on a site than they are to page down. Put your calls to action, contact information, social media icons, lead capture forms and anything else that helps generate leads at the top of each page so the customer can’t miss them.

5. Give it away. Wouldn’t it be great to get more information from visitors to help you determine how valuable they are as leads, how close they are to making a purchase and the best way to follow up with them? If you sell B2B, for example, you’d probably love to know a visitor’s job title, industry or purchasing power. Getting this information is tough because visitors don’t want to fill out lengthy forms for nothing. Try offering something of value in exchange for their filling out a (brief) lead generation form. White papers or ebooks are commonly used freebies for B2B companies; for a B2C company you could try offering a percentage or dollar-off coupon or code.

6. Clean it up. If your site is busy and cluttered with too much going on, customers won’t know where to look, much less what to do. They probably won’t spend much time on your site and they certainly won’t take actions that give you hot leads. To help get leads, review each page of your website objectively. Is it clear what action you want customers to take? Is there enough white space that information is easy to absorb? Do buttons, contact information and calls to action stand out from the rest of the site?

By taking these simple steps, you’ll vastly improve your site’s lead generation ability and boost your business’ sales.

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Rieva Lesonsky

Rieva Lesonsky

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