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7 Fun Facts About Our August #WgBiz Guest Expert Ann Handley (@marketingprofs)
Ann Handley

It’s Ann Handley!

It’s time again for our monthly Women In Business Twitter chat, brought to you by the Women Grow Business community here at Web.com.

Mark your calendars for our #Wgbiz Twitter chat, next Monday, August 12, 2013 at Noon Eastern. This month our topic is Content Marketing.

As always, we try our hardest to find top experts in the field we’re covering. We are, quite frankly, shocked to have Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of Marketing Profs as our featured guest expert, given how well known she is and how busy she often is.

This will likely be our most popular chat since the State of Women Owned Businesses – you’ll kick yourself if you miss it. There’s more information about that and how to participate in a few moments, but first, let’s learn more about our guest expert, Ann Handley.

More About Ann Handley

What can I possibly tell you about Ann that you wouldn’t already know?

I’m so glad you asked!

Let’s pretend everyone reading this just heard about this thing called the Web, and I’ll tell you what most people familiar with content marketing already know about her. Then we’ll have some fun and see what extra dirt I managed to dig up these past few weeks.

(Okay it’s not “dirt” as much as they are “lesser known facts”, but I already used a similar phrase in the title.)

Her bio on Amazon.com says what most profiles and bios of her state:

Ann Handley is the Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, a rich and trusted resource that helps businesses market their products and services smarter and better. Entrepreneurs, small-business owners and marketers in the world’s largest corporations make up its 361,000 subscribers, making it the largest in its category…..

Previously, Ann was the co-founder of ClickZ, one of the first sources of interactive marketing news and commentary.

In addition to Marketing Profs, you can also find her frequently featured at American Express’ OPEN Forum, on LInkedIn, and in Entrepreneur magazine. She’s also been recognized by Forbes as one of the top 50 social media influencers of 2013, an honor bestowed upon her more than once, as well as the top 10 Women Influencers in Social Media.

And of course, she speaks in addition to developing content – the YouTube video above has a couple of clips.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Ann Handley

Each time we announce a guest expert, if we have enough time I like to try to spice these up a bit, instead of just republishing the same bio you can find published hundreds of times across the web.

This month, I spent several weeks collecting random facts about Ann. These are the top 7 “secrets” about Ann – let me know in the comments which ones you already knew, or would not have guessed.

(Ann and I are well acquainted, but I didn’t know number 6!)

1- She hates to fly.

2- She is the co-founder of Clickz.com, and was also its president and Chief Content Officer.

3- She creates great content on her personal sites too. Have a look at her Instagram account, her Slideshare account, or her personal website, Annarchy.

4-  She’s on the SnapApp advisory board.

5- She’s a Scorpio who enjoys great red wine and anything Starbucks.

6- She was a correspondent for the Boston Globe.

7- Content Rules, the book Ann and C.C. Chapman wrote on content marketing, has been translated into at least 9 languages.

(Full title: Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business. Excerpt below. Not that I’m preparing you for the possibility of winning a copy next Monday.

Although, yeah, that’s happening.)

Attend Monday’s Women Grow Business Chat, Live

Every second Monday of the month at noon, the Women Grow Business community has a Twitter chat. We usually have a guest expert, announced on our blog prior to the chat.

To be reminded when the chat is approaching, you can sign up for free on our Eventbrite page.

We will have an archive for you, of course, but there’s nothing like following the chat live. if you get there early, you can share your latest project, and meet and greet the other attendees too! And then of course, there’s always the thrill of getting a question answered live by our guest experts.

How do you follow The #WgBiz Twitter chats?

  1. Log into TwitterTweetdeckTweetchat, or any other Twitter tool that lets you isolate a hashtag.
  2. Follow our Twitter hashtag #wgbiz.(In Twitter you can use the search at the top of the screen, in Tweetchat or Tweetgrid, once you’re logged in, you’ll see an area for you to enter the hashtag at the top of the screen. In Tweetdeck, you can create a column that searches for that hashtag)
  3. Arrive as early as 11:45 a.m. to introduce yourself, send us a link to your site, and share your latest project, as well as to meet the other chatters. The chat officially starts at Noon Eastern.
  4. Make sure you’re following the host, in this case me (@wgbiz is the official channel, while @Tinu is my personal handle), and then featured guest(s). You can find Ann on @annhandley or @marketingprofs). Connect now while you’re thinking about it, so you can easily follow the conversation, send questions during the chat, or follow up  later.
  5. Have fun!  🙂 Our free twitter chats are meant to be educational, sure, but also lighter fare than a teleconference or webinar. So talk to other people in the chat, and feel freecontribute your own answers to the chat questions after the guest expert answers.

We’ll see you there! And stay tuned


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