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7 Things You Must Know to Market to Millennials
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Do you want to capture the desirable Millennial market of young Americans age 18 to 34? Then you’ll be interested in the results of a study by Barkley. American Millennials drilled down into Millennials’ shopping habits, attitudes and interests and here’s what they found:

  1. Millennials want to participate in your marketing. Use marketing tactics like holding contests, encouraging them to upload and share photos or videos, asking them to review or rate your product, or asking them survey or poll questions to get them engaged on social media and on your website.
  2. Millennials seek peer affirmation. When making purchases or trying new restaurants or planning a vacation, Millennials turn to their peers and friends for advice and encouragement. Make sure your business is represented on ratings and review sites like Yelp! so your prospects can see what others in their peer group are saying about you.
  3. Millennials believe in cause marketing. Aligning your business with a community organization or social cause can help boost its appeal to Millennials—but only if the relationship is organic and honest. Millennials can spot fakery a mile away, so don’t get involved with a charity just for marketing purposes—do it because you believe in the cause.
  4. Millennials are content creators. They like to customize and personalize everything around them, from their smartphone covers to their jewelry to their restaurant meals. Offer a range of options and choices to appeal to them—Millennials hate “one size fits all.”
  5. Millennials seek adventure. Position your brand as different, adventurous and fun. You don’t have to be a global travel company to be adventurous—offering unusual menu items in your restaurant or unique clothing in your boutique can be enough to spark Millennials’ interest.
  6. Millennials are digital natives. Build online and mobile marketing into your business to capture their attention. They don’t want to carry around punch cards to get a free yogurt at your shop or carry cash to pay for their purchase. Use tech tools like mobile card payment readers and mobile loyalty apps to streamline their lives and make it easier for them to buy from you…again and again.
  7. Millennials aren’t homogenous. Despite all of the above, Millennials can’t be lumped into one category. There’s a huge difference between an 18-year-old male college student and a 34-year-old married mom, but both are Millennials. To successfully market to Millennials in any category, it’s crucial to take other factors into account such as where they live (urban, rural or suburban), family status (married or single? Children or no?), employment and income. Learning as much as you can about your Millennial customers increases your chances of reaching them.

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Rieva Lesonsky

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