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No small business can hope to succeed by being all things to all people. That’s why targeting niche markets is such a smart strategy for entrepreneurs. In this ebook, we spotlight eight profitable niche markets for you to consider, from the tried-and-true (Baby Boomers) to the up-and-coming (indie women).

In addition to highlighting the latest stats and insights about each market, we also suggest business opportunities that exist with each niche, as well as the best ways to market to them—including a look at which social media channels work best for which groups.

Happy marketing!

Table of Contents
  • How to Reach African American Consumers
  • Are You Marketing to Hispanic Men?
  • What the New American Household Means to Your Business
  • Breadwinning Wives Are Here to Stay
  • Hot Market: Indie Women
  • What You Must Know About Marketing to Baby Boomers
  • How Can You Get Affluent Consumers to Spend?
  • Reaching Niche Markets on Social Media
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