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8 Things You Need to Know to Market to Working Moms

Working moms are by and large an affluent group, making them a desirable target market. But their limited free time means it can be tough to effectively reach these key consumers. Recent data from Nielsen surveyed moms with children under 18 who are employed full-time and found some valuable insights. Here’s a closer look:

Working moms are…

  1. 10 percent more likely than average to be members of Generation X (ages 30 to 49)
  2. 35 percent more likely than average to have household incomes of $100K and up
  3. More engaged with and involved in their families’ financial decisions than average moms.
  4. More likely than average to own nearly all types of technology
  5. More likely than average to have spent $2,500 or more in online purchases in the past year.
  6. One thing (almost) all working moms agree on: 95 percent say spending time with their families is their number-one priority.
  7. Even though they make more money than the average mom, working moms are also more likely than average to look for discounts and use coupons. They seek companies that offer low prices every day, such as Nordstrom Rack, and use coupons for everything from groceries to apparel.
  8. Working moms are also more likely than average moms to attend sporting events, cultural events such as theater or concerts, and travel—and when they do these things, they’re more likely to purchase tickets or make arrangements online.

How and where can you reach working moms?

  • Online: Working moms are more likely to spend time online than average moms. Two in 10 spend 20 hours or more per week online. When it comes to social media, LinkedIn can be a key site for working moms—43 percent report using it in the past month.
  • Radio: Working moms are more likely than average moms to contribute to public radio stations. Other top formats they listen to are pop contemporary, country and adult contemporary.
  • News: Working moms devour news in all formats. Some 46 percent read the local news section of the print paper, 39 percent read local news online, and about four in 10 watch local morning and/or evening news on TV.

Cover your bases by advertising in the media that reach working moms, appealing to their desire for quality family time, and focusing on how you can save them money and/or provide good value for their money.

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