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9 Great Tips on Creating Lovable Marketing From Industry Experts

This heart wants to hug youI was cleaning through my email when I found this HubSpot SlideShare presentation from way back in February. Because the focus was on creating marketing people love, it was obviously published to coincide with Valentine’s Day.

However, there’s no reason you shouldn’t make every day Valentine’s Day for your customers. Here are 9 great quotes that will help inspire you to create lovable marketing:

Start with the soul, and end with the sale. Not the other way around.

– C.C. Chapman, @CC_Chapman

If you sell something, you create a customer today. If you help someone, you create a customer for life.

– Jay Baer, @jaybaer

It’s easy to fall in love with someone who always says the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, in the right place.

– Des Traynor, @destraynor

If marketing is what gets people through the door, then you better make sure they like what they see when they come inside.

– Sarah Evans, @prsarahevans

While much goes into successful marketing, if you don’t show love and passion through your actions, you won’t see much love come your way.

– Sam Melnick, @SamMelnick

As with any relationship, the market favors those who give more value than they ask for in return.

– Leslie Bradshaw, @lesliebradshaw

Marketing that educates and informs is always more puersuasive in the end than marketing that boasts or sells too hard.

– David Carpenter, @davidcarpenter

Don’t try to reach everyone. Focus on the dreams and desires of your top 1,000 customers. Pay them special attention and they will return the favor.

– Julia Roy, @juliaroy

Express yourself with love and no fear, and you will find yourself surrounded by the best the world has to offer.

– Colleen Wainwright, @communicatrix

How do you create lovable marketing?

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Monika Jansen

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