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A Live Women Grow Business Workshop – Free Event

On Tuesday, November 8th, during DCWeek, Women Grow Business is holding a free workshop to help you form your digital strategy.

Hey! Don’t go to sleep on me now.

It’s understandable that you may get a case of eye-glaze whenever someone talks about how you can get more out of the web, because so much information is thrown at us on this topic, all the time. And it’s hard to know what to do first, and how to get all these tools to actually bring us customers.

Because of that we’ve decided to hold a workshop where you actually get to do some of the work during the event, with people (like me) who are a bit more experienced, so you can also ask questions as you go along.

From the invitation:

…how do you come up with effective strategies that help you move your business forward?

We need live, fluid feedback on our ideas from peers who can see our business in ways that we can’t, and a few people with the experience to lead us forward from there.

Along with our sponsors Network Solutions and Georgetown University SCS Technology Management Program, we’ll be having a Rotating Digital Strategy Workshop. Through peer leadership we’ll:

  • Connect the products and services you offer to the conversation your prospects are already having online, in ways that add value rather than intrude
  • Strategize ways to enter that conversation through both connection and content
  • Brainstorming specific pieces and types of content to create in order to reach the audience we want to serve

Snacks and sodas will be provided, we’ll see you then!

Come on guys – snacks and soda? You can’t resist that.

Seriously though, seats are actually limited and we don’t know if we’re going to broadcast this event. So you’ll want to click here to register for one of the 25 seats today.

Don’t have a website yet?

Our blog’s sponsor, Network Solutions, is offering a coupon code for a discounted domain name registration. Click here to order your domain and use the coupon code PCMKT00424 when you get to the checkout page.


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  1. tinu An excellent time to have a #WGBIZ Workshop during #DCWEEK

    • Thanks – that part wasn’t my idea. I think we can blame lisabyrne for that one. Or maybe shashib , LOL. @Nakeva

  2. Those of us who attended the session during DC Week benefitted big time from the work sheet and practice session. Even when you think you have it nailed, to get important feedback to improve your business pitch, is essential. Thank you Tinu…you were great! Thank you LNS for hosting.

    • Hi Cherie! Thank you so much for that comment. Jeffrey was talking about you today – saw him at the #dcweek keynote. I enjoyed talking to you afterwards – your life experience really is fascinating. @CherieTrippLejeune

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