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Aflac Doesn’t Know Quack About Marketing?

Aflac and Online MarketingAre you still trying to figure out how to market your business in 2010? You’re not alone.

Who doesn’t know that adorable duck from Aflac®? No doubt, millions of dollars in TV ads can surely build a memorable character (about $75 million per year), but it does not mean that it will do the most important thing: sell more stuff.

As a result, Aflac has moved to another agency, the Zimmerman Agency (but still has a relationship with the Kaplan Thaler Group, which came up with the duck campaign back in 1999).

So, what now? The focus will be on an integrated campaign. With so many new media platforms—especially online—this is becoming the new thing in marketing. So, at the core will be a site at The duck will be a cartoon, and users will try to figure out what Aflac really does. Of course, there will be lots of activities—like games and trivia questions—on places like Facebook and YouTube (where you can see “duckumentaries”).

In a way, this is a back-to-basics approach—that is, going beyond just branding and providing potential customers reasons to buy. Let’s face it, the recession is forcing everyone to find ways to boost business, including Aflac. This will involve building a clear-cut message for potential customers to act on.

Is a more integrated marketing plan on your to-do list for 2010?

Tom Taulli is an expert on small business and is the author of several books, including The Complete M&A Handbook (Random House, Inc.). In addition to his writing, Taulli has appeared on high-profile television venues such as CNN, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV, and has been quoted in various print media sources such as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and The LA Times. Visit his blog at


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  1. Aflac’s campaign sounds specquackular!

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