An Interview with the Editor in Chief of AGBeat, Lani Rosales -
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An Interview with the Editor in Chief of AGBeat, Lani Rosales

Continuing in our tradition of profiling women business leaders, today marks the start of an interview series featuring female leaders who actively participate in the Women Grow Business community online and off. If you’d like to be featured, keep an eye on our column this June to find out how.

Today’s featured Business Leader is Lani Rosales, Editor in Chief of AGBeat, who just yesterday was our featured guest expert for the monthly Women in Business chat. Lani Rosales, named one of Real Estate’s 100 Most Influential, as well as 12 Most Influential Women in Real Estate, is a business writer hailing from the great state of Texas in the city of Austin.

As a Women Grow Business community member, she has been supportive of our efforts to increase readership, contributes to the blog periodically, and, as mentioned, recently became one of our guest experts.

More about Lani and her business

As a digital native, Lani is immersed not only in advanced technologies and new media, but is also a stats nerd often buried in piles of reports. Lani is a proven leader, thoughtful speaker, and vested partner at AGBeat, as well as the AGBeat Editor-in-Chief.

AGBeat was established in 2007 has chronicled small businesses, startups, the advancement of digital technology, and how consumers interact and consume content.

AG is completely built using social media, enticing an audience with the same passion with honest, up to the minute coverage of the changing tides, new technologies, new companies, and giving them opportunity to interact with those brands. Lani has officially been at the company since 2008.

Lani gave us so much great information that we had to divide her interview into two installments. What follows is part one.

Part One of Our Interview with Lani Rosales

Why did you become a small business owner?

Although I’m not the founder (Benn Rosales, my husband is), I consider the company my third child as a partner. Being a small business owner is natural for my husband and I not only because we tend to root for the underdog, but because we tend to be creative and rapid decision makers, two qualities not always conducive to corporate life.

What’s the most critical step you took in order to grow your business?

Getting angry enough to put everything on the line was the most critical step we took in order to grow our news organization. Angry that the status quo was not being questioned, angry that what we were reading as research for our former business was regurgitated press releases and garbage that was little more than cheerleading in exchange for free products.

Additionally, to grow the business, we made the decision that we were so passionate about what we were doing that if it took every penny out of our bank accounts and never made us a dime, we would do it anyway without question. Unconditional love is not restricted to marriage or family, it can be the secret ingredient to a booming business.

What’s the most important way you’re using technology in your business?

Everything I do involves technology, so this is a tough question! I would have to say, however, that my favorite combo is using the Google suite of products. Almost every day, I use Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive (formerly Google Docs), Google Hangouts, Google Plus, and of course an Android.

I’m obsessed with productivity hacks and love finding Chrome extensions like

How do you stay productive?

I’m never satisfied with my productivity, even if I meet all of my goals. There are never enough hours in the day. So how do I stay productive? I stay unsatisfied.

Aside from staying in a certain state of mind, I find that the cliches of eating healthy foods and exercising keep my mind sharp and focused, but a lesser known tactic that I’ve never shared with anyone is that I listen to music that matches the mode I need to be in.

If I’m doing a task that is contemplative or requires deep thought, I’ll blast some Portishead or Coldplay, but if I’m writing or championing my insane email inbox, I blast some Dubstep or Electro House (all in headphones, of course).

Also, I stay productive with paper. And a neon pink Sharpie. For me, when I write things down by hand, I remember them better and when I cross things off of a list by hand, there is no greater satisfaction. I’d take a list full of finished tasks on my desk over a box of chocolates any day.

Tomorrow at 8 am Eastern, we’ll continue with Lani’s interview. Come back then to find out:

  • How Lani learned about her silent audience and what it taught her

  • What Lani learned from her biggest failures and successes in business

  • The way Lani and her team use social media, mobile marketing and search marketing

  • Her top two small business resources


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