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The Anatomy of One of the Best Marketing Emails I’ve Ever Gotten

On May 13, one of the best marketing emails that has ever landed in my inbox arrived on behalf of Emma, an email marketing company.

Want to know exactly what made it so great (besides the fact that it is very pretty visually)? Let’s take a look:

Subject: 18 email stats every modern marketer needs to know

Why this is so great: The subject line is very specific to their audience, plus they added a sense of urgency by indicating this is MUST-KNOW information.

Top of Emma emailIntroductory headline: Get better email results with stats and advice from the experts at Emma!

Why this is so great: As soon as you open the email, you know what valuable information you are about to learn. Instead of a long intro, you get a short sentence that includes everything you need to know.

Main headline: 18 Email Stats to Know, Love, and Quote at Parties

Why this is so great: The catchy title of the guide is accompanied by a beautiful graphic and a call-to-action button. That’s right, you can only gain this information by clicking on “Get the Guide” – a great way for Emma to capture emails and grow their lead gen database.

Main content in Emma emailMain content: Two short paragraphs that lead off with “Looking to achieve even better email marketing results?”

Why this is so great: Opening with a yes-or-no question is the perfect way to remind your audience that yes, they do want what you have to offer.

They also injected humor into their message that actually had me laughing out loud:

You’ll create better emails, sound like the smartest marketer in the room at your next meeting, and get asked to be the grand marshall of your town’s Marketing Day parade. Oh, your town doesn’t celebrate Marketing Day? Weird.

Preview of what you’ll get: A bulleted list

Why this is so great: I love that Emma provided a sneak peek at the information you’ll get in their guide, such as “Learn the best time to send.” Again, they are giving you another reason to download the guide.

Final call-to-action in Emma emailFinal call-to-action: Have the stats and ready to get even smarter?

Why this is so great: Emma is giving you another reason to interact with them. You already downloaded the guide, so why not look at their 8-Second Challenge webinar to find out how important 8 seconds can be to your email marketing? Why not indeed – I want to know that!

Let’s review why this email is so great:

  • The subject line, introduction, and main headline are short, to-the-point – here’s what you’re going to get – and included a sense of urgency.
  • The main message pulls you in by asking a question that had you answering “YES!”
  • A bulleted list gives you a preview of the great information you’ll receive if you take action
  • A final call-to-action offers more useful information to draw you in further
  • The content is light in tone and includes humor – always a bonus in my book
  • Emma puts their expertise to work and shows us (not tells us) that they are a great email marketing company

What else do you think is incredibly important to include in a marketing email? Share your thoughts in the comments below! can help boost your email marketing results. Learn more about’s email marketing services

Images in the blog post are screen grabs of the email taken by the author; featured image is courtesy of

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Monika Jansen

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  1. A great example!

    • Thanks Tim – I thought so too. I think we tend to overthink our marketing (generally speaking of course!). This one email shows how easy it is to get email marketing right.

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