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Women in Business Interview: Elizabeth Moon of Focus Data Solutions
Communication Skills, Entrepreneurship, Patricia Frame
Women in Business Interview: Elizabeth Moon of Focus Data Solutions
24 February 2012

Couples who jointly own businesses comprise about 14% of small businesses. Here is the story of one way to build a business while focusing on family, while struggling through on-going change and growth, as all entrepreneurs do. Elizabeth and Page Moon founded Focus Data Solutions (FDS) as an answer to their interests and needs. Read more…

An Interview with Susan Joyce of Job Hunt
An Interview with Susan Joyce of Job Hunt
19 January 2012

Vet turned corporate turned entrepreneur – with change comes opportunity. Susan Joyce is the force, literally and figuratively, behind the mega-job-resource board  known as Job Hunt. Today’s interview focuses on what she has learned which may offer you ideas for your own career transitions and choices. Read more…

Your Company’s Culture: Your Success or Failure Depends on it
Business, Patricia Frame, Women In Business
Your Company's Culture: Your Success or Failure Depends on it
20 December 2011

In the small business seminars I have done this year, many company and non-profit founders, as well as executives, have been quite surprised at the importance of their organization’s culture to its future. Some had no idea that hiring, compensation or general business practices had anything much to do with an organization’s culture. Others knew that they did, but did not know how to create practices which supported the culture they wanted. Read more…

Veteran’s Day: Why Small Business Owners Should Care
Business, Entrepreneurship, Human resources for Small Business
Veteran's Day:  Why Small Business Owners Should Care
11 November 2011

Veteran’s Day is barely a holiday in the US, except as a retail sales gimmick. Fewer than 2% of us have ever served in the military. And since we moved away from the draft to an all-volunteer service, those who do serve come from a smaller slice of the population. Read more…

The Progress Principle – A Book Review
Business, Patricia Frame, Reviews
The Progress Principle - A Book Review
4 November 2011

I generally do not read business books. Most are pablum. At best, a concept which might have made a decent article is padded out to a pretend book. Read more…

Thanks Be With You
Patricia Frame,Women In Business
Thanks Be With You
10 October 2011

Recently we discussed thank you notes to potential hiring managers on a technical women’s list – and it triggered a note about all the other sorts of ‘thank you’ occasions we frequently ignore. Then I spoke to a group of small business people about performance management – and saying “Thank You” came up. Many people feel as if polite manners have exited the workplace. Read more…

Tell Me Not [Redux]
Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Patricia Frame
Tell Me Not [Redux]
23 August 2011

[We republish one of our most inspiring posts to date. Seems we could all use a bit of inspiration these days. The economy is going up - except when it is going down. Read more…

Should I Support Women?
Empowerment, Patricia Frame, Women In Business
Should I Support Women?
17 August 2011

August 26th is Women’s Equality Day once again. Women’s rights in the U.S. have been a question again and again, from our role in the American Revolution to today. I suspect we may celebrate the day we got the right to vote because of our continuing lack of proportionate impact, rather than because we have power. Read more…

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