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Less Is More and Fresh Eyes Are a Must
Communication Skills, Marketing and PR, Robin Ferrier
Less Is More and Fresh Eyes Are a Must
31 August 2011

Earlier this week I was tasked with editing a colleague’s document. Not surprising since I’m the organization’s communications manager. But I have to admit, this particular piece was driving me crazy as I read. Read more…

Do’s and Don’ts for Your Marketing Dollars [Redux]
Marketing and PR, Robin Ferrier, Women In Business
Do's and Don'ts for Your Marketing Dollars [Redux]
4 August 2011

[Ed: With minor changes, we republish one of our most popular posts though it's almost two years old (gasp!). Still good, still relevant. The economy is down. Read more…

29 Ways to Stay Creative… How Many Will You Try?
Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Marketing and PR
29 Ways to Stay Creative... How Many Will You Try?
15 July 2011

I saw a link on the Facebook page of one of my friends last week to a video called “29 Ways to Stay Creative. I have to be honest. I almost didn’t watch the video. Read more…

Are You Using Your Local Resources?
Entrepreneurship, Events, Networking
Are You Using Your Local Resources?
23 June 2011

Next week, I’m participating in a panel on “Getting Started with Social Media for your Small Business” being run by the Rockville Women’s Business Center (WBC). It’s one of a slew of seminars the Rockville WBC offers. Other topics include government contracting, the ABCS of starting a business, presenting your business plan, and human resources 101. Read more…

First Impressions…
Marketing and PR, Marketing/Branding, Robin Ferrier
First Impressions...
25 May 2011

I recently read a story about a reporter who called a store seeking to speak to the business owner for an article. The person who answered the phone couldn’t be bothered to take a message, instead asking the reporter to just call back the next day. The reporter didn’t call back for that story… Read more…

Everyone’s a Marketer
Marketing and PR, Robin Ferrier, Women In Business
Everyone's a Marketer
25 March 2011

I’m the chair of the PR Committee for the Gaithersburg Book Festival in Gaithersburg, Maryland, on May 21. At first, it was just a funny mantra that I would repeat whenever we were in an appropriate setting, but the truth is, Jud’s underlying sentiment is serious. At any company or organization, every employee should be – needs to be – a marketer. Read more…

Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better
Launching Product, Marketing and PR, Robin Ferrier
Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better
28 January 2011

Back in the day, I did some publicity for authors. And without fail, every time I sat down to talk with an author about a PR and marketing campaign, one of the first things the author would say is: “I want to be on Oprah. It didn’t matter whether the book was fiction or non-fiction. Read more…

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