Book of the Week: Love is the Killer App, Tim Sanders -
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Book of the Week: Love is the Killer App, Tim Sanders

One of our favorite books on networking is Tim Sanders’ 2003 book, Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends. Sanders’ book has become a must-read for many small business owners who want to figure out the best way to grow their business by finding trusted referral sources and people who share valuable information and leads with them.

The answer is not to trick people, bully them, hoard favors and return them grudgingly, or to badger them over and over.

The answer, says Sanders, is to become a lovecat — a “nice, smart person who shares your intangibles.”

By intangibles, Sanders wants us to share the following:

  • Our knowledge: He wants us to read a lot and pass that knowledge on to our network. We do that here on GrowSmartBiz by giving you a new free article or piece of advice every day.
  • Our network: Sanders says this is the collection of friends and contacts already have, and his book shows you how to grow that network. We’ve talked about this idea this week.
  • Our compasson: Sanders wants us to do everything that business people are not supposed to do — share our human warmth and love with people at our jobs.

Sanders knows what he’s talking about here. Love is the Killer App was his first business book — he’s written four best-sellers now — and he brings stories of his work as the former Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo into these pages.

We also believe that Tim’s Lovecat approach isn’t just for the small business owner trying to win a new client. Tim used his open and sharing approach to launch some of the biggest online events ever held in the Internet’s history between some of the biggest companies around, and if he was able to do it there, you should be able to do it where you live and work.


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