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Get It Together In 2011
Balancing Act, Empowerment, Shannon Mouton
Get It Together In 2011
12 January 2011

You promised your spouse, children and most importantly yourself, this year would be different. You bought color-coded post-its, markers and a universal calendar; you took time between Christmas and New Year’s to plan the process out and two unexpected “off-the-calendar” engagements have derailed your system. You have been in 2011 for less than 30 days and you’re already feeling defeated, ready to give up. Read more…

    Mix It Up!
    Ann Bevans, Balancing Act, Women In Business
    Mix It Up!
    28 September 2010

    It’s so darn easy to get in a rut. Changing different aspects of your work life will help you stay sharp and focused. I can’t think of a quicker way to become bored and burnt out. Read more…

      Time And Tide Wait For No One
      Balancing Act, Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, Women In Business
      Time And Tide Wait For No One
      3 August 2010

      As some of you may have heard on my personal Facebook feed or on my personal blog, my family and I recently lost a beloved family member: my just-turned 16-year old nephew who passed suddenly and quite tragically in a terrible car accident on July 9, 2010. The entire week of July 12-16 was one big blur for me. I can’t remember ever having cried as intensely and as often as I did during those 5 days of sheer hell and sorrow. Read more…

        That Ole Glass Ceiling Still Isn’t Cracked
        Balancing Act, Empowerment, Liz Scherer
        That Ole Glass Ceiling Still Isn't Cracked
        16 June 2010

        You know that pay gap that our Feminist friends have been battling for decades now? It’s still there. I’m not especially shocked by this revelation. so much so, that they require a “toolkit” to work their way around this issue. Read more…

          Getting To Grips With 2010? Keep It Healthy
          Balancing Act, Marissa Levin, Women In Business
          Getting To Grips With 2010? Keep It Healthy
          3 February 2010

          No matter what we endure as women, we always feel as if we have something in our life that keeps knocking us down. And often, we truly can be our own worst enemies. We constantly compare ourselves to one another, and we berate ourselves for not having it all together like other women do. Read more…

            What’s Your Approach? Living the Holidays as a Woman and Entrepreneur
            Balancing Act, Entrepreneurship, Thursday Bram
            What's Your Approach? Living the Holidays as a Woman and Entrepreneur
            17 December 2009

            In my family, we have a running joke: we tell a certain relative that any family events start an hour before they’re actually slated to begin. He’ll get caught up in work and arrive about an hour after he’s supposed to — our little scheme ensures that he’s actually on time. I’m a little worried that I’m creating my own variation on this relative’s ability to get lost in his work, though. Read more…

              5 Launch Lessons on Business Partners, Time, and Teams
              Balancing Act, Jen Consalvo, Launching Product
              5 Launch Lessons on Business Partners, Time, and Teams
              4 December 2009

              Recently my partner was out of town and mostly out of pocket due to a personal matter. At the same time, my body decided to go on strike. With illness keeping me isolated in the nest (my name for my live/work space) I spent a lot of time motivating myself to keep things moving forward (Image Solitude by Aleera, Creative Commons). Read more…

                3 Business Ideas: Experiment Often, Carefully, and Singly
                Balancing Act, Entrepreneurship, Human resources for Small Business
                3 Business Ideas: Experiment Often, Carefully, and Singly
                2 December 2009

                I started CareerCup to solve one part of software engineering interviews: preparation. Candidates who are interviewing with Microsoft, Google, Amazon, or other companies are historically under-prepared and consequently struggle to get hired. This hurts not only the candidates, but companies as well who can’t distinguish between bad candidates and poorly prepared candidates. Read more…

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