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BlogWorld Ahoy!
Blogworld, Events, Marketing and PR
BlogWorld Ahoy!
19 May 2011

I’m really looking forward to next week. I know, it’s still a few days away, but the thing is that I will be heading up to New York City after three years (!) to attend my first-ever BlogWorld. First. Read more…

    Former Presidential Appointee Vivian Shimoyama Gets SmallBizCool!
    Blogworld, Entrepreneurship, Interviews
    2 November 2009

    She’s a former presidential appointee to the National Women’s Business Council. And she’s an advocate for entrepreneurs and small business, working with national plus state agencies on ensuring interests of small business owners are heard. She’s Vivian Shimoyama who founded Breakthru Solutions. Read more…

      The Startup Princess aka Kelly King Anderson Gets SmallBizCool!
      Blogworld, Community Building, Entrepreneurship
      28 October 2009

      Entrepreneur Magazine has listed The Startup Princess as a top resource for women entrepreneurs. And she’s been voted by her home state as one of 30 Women to Watch. She’s that cool. Read more…

        How Dare You Not Be Awesome: Laura @Pistachio Fitton Gets SmallBizCool
        Blogworld, Entrepreneurship, Events
        27 October 2009

        Transporting back to last week, Las Vegas, early a.m. It’s the opening keynote address for the Blogworld Expo and first time many attendees were convened in the same room. That bold question was the most effective ‘mental caffeine’. Read more…

          Mom It Forward Founder Gets SmallBizCool!
          Blogworld, Community Building, Entrepreneurship

          26 October 2009

          And at last week’s Blogworld Expo, that’s exactly what happened when being introduced to another ‘Jill’ (yet she spells her name with a cool, artistic spelling that she chose when she was six years old). Jyl founded Mom It Forward and shares at least two reasons why her business is cool, as in SmallBizCool! Think weekly Twitter parties and more… Read more…

            CTO of Webgrrls and Digital Woman Founder Gets SmallBizCool!
            Blogworld, Entrepreneurship, Events
            26 October 2009

            It was fantastic meeting Nelly Yusupova, CTO of Webgrrls Internationals ( and founder of DigitalWoman). She’s shares on her cool projects (with a keen insight on what she’s surmounted to be of stronger service to her clients). Welcome to another segment of SmallBizCool(!), straight from Blogworld last weekend. Read more…

              Pied Piper of the Online World: Mari Smith Gets SmallBizCool!
              Blogworld, Community Building, Interviews
              22 October 2009

              In meeting Mari Smith at last weekend’s Blogworld Expo, I felt delighted and also a bit like a hobbit standing next to Gandolph (I think she’s at least 6′ tall!). Fast Company calls Mari “the Pied Piper of the Online World. ” And she’s president of the International Social Media Association. Read more…

                Founder of the Social Media Coaching Center Gets SmallBizCool!
                Blogworld, Community Building, Entrepreneurship
                21 October 2009

                Well she co-founded ONTHERAIL and is former director of the dynamic organization San Francisco Women on the Web. She’s a forward, resourceful thinker in the social media space – savvy and with a distinct humor to boot. She’s also founded the Social Media Coaching Center and at Blogworld Expo last weekend, she was perfectly clear on why her biz is cool. Read more…

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