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Chatting With A Purpose
Communication Skills, Empowerment, Jill Foster
Chatting With A Purpose
24 November 2010

It was fast, furious, fun, and a great conversation. Image: Carnival Chat by R. “It” was this month’s #wgBiz regular Twitter chat where, for one hour, many from the Women Grow Business community talked shop on public speaking tips — all at warp-twitterchat-speed (full transcript here). Read more…

    Listening to the “Little Voice”
    Communication Skills, Robin Ferrier, Women In Business
    Listening to the
    3 November 2010

    and she was talking about a presentation about listening to the “little voice” we all have. Normally, when someone talks about listening to your “little voice” – or “inner voice” – it’s in the context of following your gut instinct. I did walk this morning. Read more…

      Blogging: Out With the Old? Not So Fast!
      Communication Skills, Community Building, Marketing and PR
      Blogging: Out With the Old? Not So Fast!
      29 October 2010

      As technology races ahead, we’re bombarded by tools claiming to be the ultimate for communicating our messages to the masses. Ten years ago, it was the internet and websites that sold dog food, a few years ago “blog” entered the lexicon, and today everyone has a Facebook page. There’s no telling what tomorrow will bring. Read more…

        Say it, Sister: Five Public Speaking Tips from Toastmasters International’s Pat Johnson
        Communication Skills, Empowerment, Guest Posts
        Say it, Sister: Five Public Speaking Tips from Toastmasters International’s Pat Johnson
        1 October 2010

        If someone had said I’d be president of Toastmasters International one day, I would have had difficulty believing that was possible. I was terrified to speak in public and started my career with very little confidence. What I needed was practice in a safe environment, which I found through this organization. Read more…

          Wrestling with Authenticity 2.0 And Rants About Women
          Communication Skills, Community Building, Entrepreneurship
          Wrestling with Authenticity 2.0 And Rants About Women
          14 September 2010

          A colleague and I recently discussed women’s self-promotion styles compared to men. Then Clay Shirky’s blog post “A Rant About Women” came up, along with his thought-provoking remarks on the subject. I wish Clay Shirky’s rant from earlier this year contradicted my own observations i.e. that women often threaten their own success by failing to promote themselves effectively or by avoiding that axiom “fake it till you make it. Read more…

            How To Handle a PR Crisis
            Communication Skills, Kellye Crane, Marketing and PR
            How To Handle a PR Crisis
            12 August 2010

            You may think, “my business is no BP – there’s no way I would ever be caught in the midst of a PR disaster. While your crisis may not capture the attention of world leaders (we certainly hope not!), it’s a fact that small businesses can be impacted by events that attract significant negative attention. One of your employees, while running an errand for you in your company-branded car, is texting while driving and hits a school bus full of children. Read more…

              “Can You Hear Me Now?” Communicating With A Pause To Enhance Leadership
              Communication Skills, Guest Posts, Leadership
              2 March 2010

              Um, Er, What I Mean To Say Is… Another uh, challenge we have, you know, that is preventing, um, us from, like, getting to the point, um, are the words, you know, that clutter, you know, our language. When you hear your female leaders using these words in italics, how do you perceive them?  Knowledgeable, credible and confident probably don’t come to mind. Read more…

                “Can You Hear Me Now?” Top Tips On Crystal-Clear Communications
                Communication Skills, Guest Posts, Leadership
                25 February 2010

                Editor’s Note: This is the first in a two-part guest post series on crystal clear communications. We don’t know what we don’t know and this is why communication can be challenging. How many of us can honestly say we’re 100% sure our messages are heard and that we’re always perceived as confident, credible and trustworthy?  If our customers’, peers’ and associates’ perception of us isn’t positive, we negatively impact profits, morale and the ability to grow our business. Read more…

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