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Get Domain Names That Are Easy to Say
Get Domain Names That Are Easy to Say
8 February 2013

In yesterday’s post, we discussed why you should avoid hyphenated domain names. Thermo-Insulated-Coffee-Cups. com comes out as “Thermo dash Insulated dash Coffee dash Cups dot com,” and after saying it out loud for the third time, it feels pretty silly. Read more…

    Transform Your Business In 30 Days!
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    Transform Your Business In 30 Days!
    13 November 2012

    Every small business needs a competitive edge, and these days – it is imperative that your business is successful with online marketing.   That means you need a great Website that represents your business, a social media presence to build credibility and connect with customers, and a search strategy so that you are being found online in Google and other places that your customers are looking for you. In Transform30days, we will help you to do the kind of thinking required in order to create the best online image for your business, and then we will support you to take the actions you need to be successful online. Read more…

      Getting a Website: What You Need to Know
      Domains/Hosting, internet marketing, Just Getting Started
      Getting a Website: What You Need to Know
      22 May 2012

      If you want to set up a business website, here are a few things you need to know to make it a success. These are five things we tell our customers whenever they want a new website. 1. Read more…

        Adding Facebook’s “Become a Fan” Box to Your Website
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        Adding Facebook's
        25 February 2010

        Many small businesses are exploring the use of Facebook for their business. If you’re using Facebook, then adding a “Become a Fan” box to your website is one of the best ways to announce to your customers that you’re on Facebook. With a fan box, people can sign up to receive your Facebook updates right from your home page. Read more…

          Your Business and a Domain Name: A Love Story
          Domains/Hosting, internet marketing, Mobile/Applications
          Your Business and a Domain Name: A Love Story
          14 September 2009

          With over 100 million domains (. com names) registered, it seems that it’s getting harder and harder to find a quality name that fits your business, tells people what you do, and shows your work in a professional light. Small businesses starting today have a very hard time finding a domain name that they like and that will work long term for them. Read more…

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