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Founder of the Social Media Coaching Center Gets SmallBizCool!
Blogworld, Community Building, Entrepreneurship
21 October 2009

Well she co-founded ONTHERAIL and is former director of the dynamic organization San Francisco Women on the Web. She’s a forward, resourceful thinker in the social media space – savvy and with a distinct humor to boot. She’s also founded the Social Media Coaching Center and at Blogworld Expo last weekend, she was perfectly clear on why her biz is cool. Read more…

    “I Was Fired, and Then …” Small Biz Survival’s Becky McCray Gets Real with SmallBizCool!
    Blogworld, Entrepreneurship, Jen Consalvo
    20 October 2009

    Becky, founder of Small Biz Survival and numerous businesses, presented at last weekend’s Blogworld Expo on how small business makes big impact. In between morning bagels and networking, Becky shared a memorable “and cool moment” with SmallBizCool and Women Grow Business. Join us! … Read more…

      Get SmallBizCool! Girlfriendology’s Debba Haupert Knows Why Her Biz Rocks: Video Chat Straight from Blogworld
      Community Building, Entrepreneurship, Events
      16 October 2009

      The orange flower on Debba’s lapel gives just a hint of her coolness as an entrepreneur. She’s hip, smart, and starts strong, resourceful forums for women communities (and their businesses too). She’s Debba Haupert, founder of Girlfriendology, an online community dedicated to supporting and engaging friendships by women. Read more…

        Great Conversations, a 3 minute podcast: Astia’s Jennifer Hill on Entrepreneurship Week (and What Makes ‘The A Team’)
        Entrepreneurship, Events, Leadership
        Great Conversations, a 3 minute podcast: Astia's Jennifer Hill on Entrepreneurship Week (and What Makes 'The A Team')
        7 October 2009

        She’s mission driven with incredible clarity of mind. She helps to enable success of high-growth companies that are led by women. And she’s a big champion of the upcoming New York Entrepreneurship Week (11/16th – 11/20th). Read more…

          Social Capital and Behind-the-Scenes of Women Grow Business (video chat)
          Interviews, Podcasts, social media

          25 September 2009

          Thanks Francie Dalton for the fun talk. And ongoing appreciation goes to the Women Grow Business community – of bloggers and readers – for your fantastic insight (and verve!). Read more…

            “TV News Reporter Called in One Hour”: Brainstorms and Benefits of Content Sharing – 5 Minute Video Chat
            Grow Smart Business, Interviews, Mayra Ruiz-McPherson
            4 September 2009

            Great news for one Women Grow Business blogger, one apple pie baker, and tons of small business owners seeking more about content sharing (… more in this fun conversation below). I met Mayra at DC’s local Channel 8 studio for her live interview with the Washington Business Report (just search for Mayra Ruiz to find her archived interview!). Read more…

              Cool Collection of Brains: Next Steps for the Women of Personality Project (3 Minute Podcast)
              Entrepreneurship, Interviews, Marketing and PR
              Cool Collection of Brains:  Next Steps for the Women of Personality Project (3 Minute Podcast)
              23 June 2009

              It’s just cool. Soon after the recent BlogPotomac unconference where Rohit Bhargava presented, Rohit kindly shared some time talking on the Women of Personality Project. This effort is a compelling response to some fans of Rohit’s book Personality Not Included. Read more…

                H1N1, Content Marketing, and Your Business: Debbie Weil Talks Shop in a Video Chat
                Interviews, Marketing and PR, Podcasts
                9 June 2009

                She’s got game. Debbie Weil is a great social media mind, producer of the popular Blog Write for CEOs, community leader, and well known author on all things corporate blogging. And last month she was named one of the DC region’s Top 100 Tech Titans by Washingtonian Magazine. Read more…

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