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Why Your Business Still Needs to Do Marketing Research
Entrepreneurship, Small Business Development, Solopreneurship
Why Your Business Still Needs to Do Marketing Research
10 February 2014

If you don’t know your market, you have no hopes of serving them. If you aren’t serving them, sales will be low. If sales are low you’re out of business. Read more…

    What Leads Are the Most Valuable?
    Home Page Blog, Sales Strategy, Small Business Development
    What Leads Are the Most Valuable?
    4 October 2013

    What kinds of leads are the most valuable to B2B marketers—and what information do marketers wish they had that they aren’t getting from leads? A recent poll by Business. com sought to find out. Overall, content marketing tactics seem to generate the most valuable leads for B2B marketers, reports the survey of 500 SMB marketers, Small Business Pulse Report: 2013 Lead Generation Insights. Read more…

      How Can Home-Related Businesses Market to Millennials?
      Getting Advanced, Home Page Blog, Marketing/Branding
      How Can Home-Related Businesses Market to Millennials?
      25 June 2013

      As home prices start to rebound in many parts of the country that were hard-hit during the mortgage crisis and the Great Recession, small business owners including construction companies, realtors, home remodeling businesses and interior designers are holding their breath, hoping home sales continue on the upswing. The Los Angeles Times recently took a closer look at the challenges of marketing home ownership to Millennials. Good news: There are 95 million people ages 10 to 32 (10 million more than the number of Baby Boomers). Read more…

        Study Shows Spending on Business Travel Pays Off
        Business, Customer Service, Home Page Blog
        Study Shows Spending on Business Travel Pays Off
        4 June 2013

        Does business travel pay off? For a small business watching every dollar, you might expect the answer to be “No. ” But a recent research report, The Role of Business Travel in the U.S. Economic Recovery, found that business travel helps drive business sales and growth even in tough economic times. Specifically, the study found, every $1 invested in business travel led to an additional $9.50 in revenue and $2.50 in revenue and $2.90 in profit on average. Read more…

 Small Business Tip of the Day: Uncle Sam Tightens Purse Strings
          current events, Getting Advanced, Home Page Blog

          If you do business with the federal government, your financial future might be dimming a bit. According to the National Association for Business Economics, the automatic sequestration spending cuts will cause government buying and investment to decline 2. 3 percent this year, which is more than double the 1 percent drop originally projected.Luckily, the group revised its projections for personal consumption spending upwards, projecting a 2.3 percent increase for 2013 and another 2. Read more…

   Small Business Tip of the Day: Support Your Local Small Business
            Business, Entrepreneurship, Home Page Blog
            15 May 2013

            Where do you shop when you’re not running your small business? According to the American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor, it’s most likely another small business. Seventy percent of entrepreneurs polled say they purchase and source goods and services from other small businesses, while 96 percent of small businesses are committed to supporting their local communities through a variety of activities such as donating to local causes and participating in community projects. Additionally, 83 percent shop at independently owned businesses in their neighborhoods for non-business related purchases. Read more…

     Small Business Tip of the Day: Benefit From Big Events
              Entrepreneurship, Events, Getting Advanced
              14 May 2013

              Lucky is the community that gets a large event to come to their neck of the woods. It doesn’t have to be as big as the Olympics: Any big event, from a business conference to a music festival, can potentially bring in hundreds of thousands of new visitors—and thousands of new customers to your business. What can you do to get involved and handle the large crowds? First, check with your city’s business development office to see what opportunities may exist because of the event. Read more…

                Venture Capital Forecast: Good News for Software Firms, Not So Much for Others
                current events, Finance, Getting Advanced
                Venture Capital Forecast: Good News for Software Firms, Not So Much for Others
                10 May 2013

                What’s the state of venture capital these days? Continuing a trend that’s been going on for a while now, both the number of VC dollars and the number of VC deals are shrinking, according to the Q1 2013 MoneyTree™ Report from PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) and the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA). VC investment for the quarter declined 12 percent in terms of dollars and 15 percent in the number of deals compared to Q4 2012. What’s behind the decline? Venture capitalists are looking for industries where they can quickly become liquid, whether via IPO, merger or acquisition. Read more…

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