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“Perfect for a Stay-At-Home Mom”: Really?
Thursday Bram,Women In Business
10 May 2011

especially those that are described as being easy to get into. Freelancing, becoming a virtual assistant, selling crafty projects… these are all business ventures that are described as having particularly low barriers to entry. Read more…

    Life Doesn’t Stop and Neither Does Business
    Balancing Act, Entrepreneurship, Solopreneurship
    Life Doesn't Stop and Neither Does Business
    27 April 2011

    I’m at an age where most of my friends are starting to think about children, if not actively getting started on that particular project. I’ve heard several friends (both guys and girls) mention that they’re planning to quit work or cut back on the hours when they bring home a little bundle of joy. That leads to some interesting questions, especially for those friends who work for themselves in some capacity. Read more…

      Do Ladies Network Differently?
      Networking, Thursday Bram, Women In Business
      Do Ladies Network Differently?
      11 March 2011

      When I was growing up, my grandmother tried very hard to turn me into a lady. There were some discussions on which salad fork to use and a few threats on what would happen if I didn’t send out thank you notes. I’m pretty sure that those thank you notes absolutely typify the differences between the way men and women network. Read more…

        It’s Risky — But Is It Too Risky?
        Entrepreneurship, Thursday Bram, Women In Business
        It’s Risky — But Is It Too Risky?
        27 January 2011

        Starting your own business will always be a risk. There’s always a chance that something could go wrong. But the most successful entrepreneurs can evaluate risks and decide how far they’re prepared to go. Read more…

          Gambling on Business: What a Dreidel Can Teach You
          Entrepreneurship, Thursday Bram, Women In Business
          Gambling on Business: What a Dreidel Can Teach You
          2 December 2010

          I have plenty of fond holiday memories from growing up. My dad and my uncle getting into a latke-eating competition to see who could down the most potato pancakes… ripping through wrapping paper with my sisters… Read more…

            The Myth of the Home Office
            Entrepreneurship, Thursday Bram, Women In Business
            The Myth of the Home Office
            8 September 2010

            Officially, my business is such that I can take it along for the ride, wherever I go. In reality, I’ll happily work from coffee shops, hotel rooms and other random locations, but I’m much more comfortable in my home office. In part, my preference is due to the fact that I can get other things done while I’m working — or at least procrastinate a little more effectively. Read more…

              Learning Entrepreneurship: Something School Doesn’t Teach
              Entrepreneurship, Thursday Bram, Women In Business
              Learning Entrepreneurship: Something School Doesn't Teach
              30 June 2010

              Plague, meet Consumer Economics. In my senior year of high school, I had to take Consumer Economics — a class devoted to teaching me how to handle my checkbook, make a budget and generally be a good consumer. This type of class is mandatory in most states (despite incredible efforts on the part of students such as myself to avoid it like the plague). Read more…

                Where’s The Perspective In Productivity?
                Empowerment, Thursday Bram, Women In Business
                Where's The Perspective In Productivity?
                18 May 2010

                When I scroll through my feed reader, I see lots of posts on topics like “10 Ways to Power Through Your Task List” or “How to Absolutely Rock Your Day. ” It’s rare that I see something with a perspective beyond assuming that the pile of tasks you need to do today should be demolished. In a word, most productivity advices tends to be macho. Read more…

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