Community, Changes, and First Year of Women Grow Business
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Community, Changes, and First Year of Women Grow Business

You Win


Women Grow Business is now one year old and you’ve made it one dynamic year.

What compels you to read the blog? Have you been a guest blogger here?
Do you want to contribute or be featured? Your interest has made our 2009!…one of shared resources, grit, and success in small business.

There are career events in life that when they cross your path, they make you go “Hmm…” It’s the type of thing that when it occurs, you almost crack glass from shouting aloud: “This is way too fun!”

You know those?

Shana WGB #wgBiz shirt

For me launching Women Grow Business was one of those events.
Shashi Bellamkonda aka Network Solutions Social Media Swami called in January with momentum in his voice: “Let’s start a blog community for women entrepreneurs! Would you be editor and get it off the ground…like ASAP?!”

Launch a community blog?

with awesome biz owners?

to help women entrepreneurs?

for Network Solutions?

The career gods grinned on this grateful blogger and we hit the ground running.

What’s in a name?
And I ditched initial names since Steve Fisher’s idea resonated with precision (he’s a business and start-up wizard plus film producer). So with ‘Women Grow Business’ officially named, it was green light for launch.

Terri Holley.womengrowbusinessshot

Taking notice of an awesome troupe
Since this January, the blog community has been cited in the Washington Post more than once (up and comers bridging the digital divide), TechBisnow, and The Huffington Post. Five blog contributors were cited in Washingtonian’s Top 100 Tech Titans list.  From CNN to primetime local news to Forbes’ top women entrepreneurs on Twitter – achievements by the bloggers have been in conversation. And just recently, the marketing savvy Coree Silvera named us in her top 20 social media and marketing blogs by women (thank you Coree).  Award-winning CEOs and entrepreneurs have come from local and regional areas, the West Coast, London, and Canada to contribute (…with conversation starters on Twitter as far as Iran).  

To these bloggers – volunteers all – thank you for investing your time and calibre here.
digitalsista jmf socialmatchbox
2010 and next steps
After 12 months of learning from this community, I’ve realized how much I want to grow a business dream, Live Your Talk.  It’s pre-launch phase these days but heck, your early opinions are welcome anytime. 

To ensure Women Grow Business has all the attention it deserves, I’ll step aside as editor this month.  An editor search has been ongoing so we look forward to making introductions soon.

Time and your stories
Now as a new decade rises up, the value of time crystalizes. It’s striking to see how you invested effort here and to what depth stories were shared:

And with more, you talked shop with savvy, humor, and verve.
Your fund of knowledge led many women in business to this robust archive of stories. That’s what has influenced the “just do it” decision with my next venture – to further help women recognize their business relevance and share it online and onstage.

You influenced that business dream. Saying “thanks” doesn’t fully cut it. But just to start…thanks again Women Grow Business, and Happy Birthday!

Image by Sir Twilight King, Creative Commons

Some of the Women Grow Business bloggers:
Shana Glickfield, top right; Terri Holley, just below and left; Shireen Mitchell and me.


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  1. Happy Birthday, Women Grow Business. Make it a great new year!

    • @TerriHolley – Terri! Appreciate your community building mojo this year. Readership gained from it (as did I). Congrats too on the Social Media Voices podcast; your cast will publish soon. Look forward to 2010. Go WGB!

  2. Happy Birthday WGB!

    Jill, you've done a phenomenal job building this blog & community and I look forward to hearing your own stories as you shift your focus to building out the Live Your Talk empire.

    • @JenConsalvo – Thanks for your strong insight this year on the blog (and congrats on the incredible launches through Shiny Heart). The Live Your Talk motivation is invaluable too!

  3. What an awesome job you have all done…many congratulations to a spectacular year! Looking forward to even better things for you in 2010!

  4. Coree – Thanks for the well wishes and back at you!

    Terri and Jen – You're a key part of WGB and thanks for choosing to share your expertise here. Thank you for the motivation, support too!

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