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Connecting Email Marketing, SEO, and Social Media for Online Success

Connecting Email Marketing, SEO, and Social MediaConnections . . . isn’t that what the world is all about? We’re on a continual quest to discover the places we fit into and the people we’ll reach out to.

Online marketing is no different. With hundreds of millions of eCommerce websites out there in cyberspace, you need to connect with your potential customers, and you need to do it often. There’s simply no time to let your brand slip from their minds, and email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media are just the marketing initiatives you need to make your brand sticky in your customers’ minds.

Because imagination is key when it comes to discovering creative ways for email marketing, SEO, and social media to complement each other, we’re here to share some tried-and-true examples to get those creative juices flowing!

Spread the value. Before you can even spread the wealth, you first need to show your social media base just how interesting your email newsletters are. Include newsletter sign-up links and forms in your social media profiles to make it as easy as possible for people to fill in their address. Include tidbits on the type of content they can discover inside your newsletter, and tease parts of your newsletter in your Twitter and Facebook posts. The more you can convince your social media base that there is indeed interesting content and promotions inside your newsletters, the more likely they’ll hit the subscribe button.

A link can be more than just a link. If you’ve been reading the blog, you know link building is all about the quality of the links pointing to your website, versus the sheer quantity of links you have. Securing a link on a well-known, established site not only gives you SEO value, but it’ll likely send traffic (and potentially sales!) your way too. Hundreds of millions of blogs exist online, so there’s a good chance at least a few of your newsletter subscribers have an active blog that receives a decent amount of traffic and has a solid reputation. Here are two possibilities for you to consider:

  • You can send a newsletter out asking bloggers to review your products. You’ll send them a free product if they’ll review one of yours on their blog or use it as a giveaway prize, and then include a link to your site in their post (and possibly blogroll).
  • The same goes for any subscribers who have a noncompeting link. Ask if they’ll review a product (that you’ll provide for free) in exchange for giving you a mention (and a link!) on their website.

Stay current. Your favorite news stories likely aren’t the short 10-sentence articles that only state the facts. You like the facts, but you also want to hear an educated opinion on the story. So do the same with your newsletter. Post your expert opinion about a current news story related to your industry on your blog or website, and then include a snippet of it in your newsletter, directing your readers to the more lengthy post to read more. Ask your readers to comment with their own opinions, and to help you spread the word by sharing your post on other websites and social media profiles.

We love to be recognized. With so many websites out there, taking the time to pluck out a few favorites related to your industry and posting a Top 10 award list of them on your blog is another way to gain links. In addition to contacting the award “winners” to let them know you selected them (they’ll likely link to you!), include a snippet about the winners in your next newsletter. There’s a good chance readers will link to your post from their own blogs and social media presences.

Give to get. Although eCommerce businesses don’t necessarily have a lot of extra cash to give out these days, giving to a charitable cause not only helps to cast your business in a good light, but it also helps you get some press out of the effort. Here are three promotions you can hold to spread goodwill and promote your brand:

  • Once you reach a certain number of Facebook fans, donate a portion of the proceeds from a sitewide sale to a cause related to your industry.
  • For each new Facebook fan you get within a specific time frame, donate $1 to a charitable organization.
  • Ask your Twitter followers to retweet a message about a cause you’ll be donating to, and then randomly select one of the retweeters as the winner of a prize from your online store.

You can add a post on your blog about the initiatives you’re involved in, and you can send out a newsletter (with a link to the post) that describes what the activities mean to you and your business. Ask your newsletter readers to share your blog post to help you spread the word and make your mission even more successful.

So . . . once you’ve conjured up and implemented your ideas, be sure to track the statistics related to each effort, which can include:

  • Number of click-throughs (and sales!) resulting from your email newsletter.
  • Number of Facebook fans and Twitter followers you generated.
  • Amount of traffic to your website and blog that comes from Facebook and Twitter.
  • Number and quality of backlinks that point to your website and blog.

From there, you can determine the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts. And remember, it often takes a few tries to really capture people’s attention, so stick with your plan and keep generating those creative ideas!

Have other ideas to share about connecting email marketing, SEO, and social media to maximize your online success? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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  1. These are by far the best ideas I have read on how to connect various Internet marketing strategies. I use all the tools that you mentioned in this post. Now I know how to connect them. Great post!

  2. Love the point about “no time to let your brand slip from their mind,” and with all the tools available today, there’s really no excuse either. Managing the various aspects of your email and social media outlets is a commitment, but it really can pay off! As you say, stick with it.

  3. Rita – Thank you so much, and I’m glad the post helped! We hope you start to implement them, and when you do, let us know what kind of success you see!

    Danielle – Agreed, it seems just about every industry is so highly competitive these days, so it’s crucial to ensure your brand is on the front of their minds. Otherwise, you could be sending your customers over to your competitors!

  4. Some great points and ideas.

    Optimizing business listings and profiles can make all the difference in enabling potential customers to find you and select you from your pack of competitors.

    Most listings in Yellow Pages and local search engines may be comprised of just a basic name, address, and phone number. But businesses should take the trouble to add in as much of the other elements as they can, since all the information provides differentiation and helpful information for consumers.

  5. Thanks Dan! Ensuring you’re a part of any local business directories that do have a quality reputation is another great tip for promoting yourself as much as possible.

  6. I think Facebook’s move to change the face of email messaging backs up your point. The next generation of web users wants true value connections. Marketing websites will no longer include spam techniques. The relationship will rule.

  7. I couldn’t agree more, Radha! The days of trying to “game” search engines or spamming users is dead, and I say good riddance! It’s so important these days to provide value and relevant info to users – that’s what gets people to identify with a brand, and ultimately buy from that brand.

  8. My website on is inexpensive and easy to use and update – I love it. It consistently comes up on 1st page Google search results for my keywords. I keep it friendly and casual and backlink to it from my blog.

  9. That’s great to hear, Virginia! Just be sure you’re pursuing multiple online marketing methods to always stay on top of the competition. Here’s to continued success for you and your business!

  10. Thanks for helping me get to know more about email and marketing. Thanks again.

  11. Thanks Raynelia, and we appreciate you reading and contributing!

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