Content Marketing in 10 Decks- Part One -
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Content Marketing in 10 Decks- Part One

It’s been the theme in the Women Grow Business section this month, starting with the Content Marketing Twitter chat we had with Ann Handley, author of Content Rules.

But what if you’re just getting started with content marketing – or worse yet, are still deciding whether or how to get your team up to speed?

After a month of digging, I believe I’ve found the ten decks you should peruse on Slideshare to give you a place to help boost you to the next level.

(After picking up the book Ann and CC wrote of course. I’m a bit biased because I’ve met them both and know them to be great people, in addition to being sharp professionals. That disclosure doesn’t change the fact that it’s a great book.

Unless I have magic powers. Which is certainly possible, if implausible…)

I know, ten presentations? It sounds overwhelming.

Well first, they’re decks, not books. The faster to get to the point already.

Secondly, you don’t have to read every single page of each and every deck. In fact, I chose ten so that you could pick the ones most relevant to you, whether you’re a microbusiness owner, or a marketer with small business clients.

To help you out, I’ll give you a few quick points about each one.

What is Content Marketing, by Donna Papacosta

  • Her smile on the first deck is super-inviting. Note to self…

  • Just the facts, but in a friendly way

  • Super-clean, uncluttered slides that you can send to a colleague

6 Steps to Great Content by Michael Brenner

  • Content that isn’t great isn’t marketable

  • People understand what great content is, but when we get in committees we tend to lose our ever-loving minds. This is a great deck to have the “what is great content” discussion.

  • I saw Michael Brenner present a year ago and I still remember his name and the presentation. I have a horrible memory.

50 Stats You Need to Know About Content Marketing by NewsCred

  • If you’re struggling to “sell” content marketing to some part of your organization, stats help

  • The stats on blogging alone may motivate you to get up off your keister and write more

  • By the end of the deck you’ll be all “no way, I should have started with content marketing a long time ago”. And then you’ll give me a tip. I should get a tip jar…


36 Content Marketers Who Rock

  • I’m not always a fan of lists of who the best people are, but when I am, I like how TopRank does it. (And yes, I’m biased, because I’m on one of their lists.

  • If you’re advanced in content marketing, here’s your chance to a- find out who the some of the rock stars are and b- steal their secrets. Although it’s not stealing, because they’re giving it freely…

  • Lee Odden is one of the few search professionals I will personally vouch for, partly because he also recognizes talent outside his own shop, but also because he’s one of the handful of search pros who has been around longer than Google.

We’ll have five more decks for you shortly – ten in one shot is overwhelming, no?
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