Content Marketing in 10 Decks- Part Two -
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Content Marketing in 10 Decks- Part Two
4 September 2013

Just getting started with content marketing? Been marketing great content for years but want to go to the next level? Here’s part two of our content marketing deck series, designed to give you the most information about content marketing in the least amount of time.

Whether you need to

  • “Sell” content marketing to a higher-up in your organization
  • Decide if content marketing is a worthwhile pursuit for your small business, or,
  • Get some advanced tips from experts in content marketing strategy

– the full collection of ten decks has a couple of presentations that will zero in on the tips you most need. And if you need more information? You can follow each resource back to its creator(s).

Content Marketing that Breeds Better Customers by The Content Marketing Institute

Why These Slides?

  • This is perfect for the person asking “how does content marketing fit into my overall marketing strategy?”

  • It gives examples. I love it when they give examples, don’t you?

  • Connects various strategies you’re probably already using to content marketing, such as pay per click advertising and press releases.

10 Steps to PIvot to Content Marketing by Jennifer Deming Burnham

Why This Deck?

  • Jennifer is the Director of Social Content Marketing at Salesforce. Call me crazy, but I have a hunch she may know her stuff.

  • It makes a very clear distinction between interruption marketing and social marketing. Handy if you need a prop to help you justify a shift in budget allocation.

  • There are examples of brands who she thinks are doing it right – so helpful when you’re new or attempting to convey a concept to someone who is


99 Content Marketing Magnets by Barry Feldman

  • Burned out on content marketing and don’t know what to create next? This deck is a great cure for “content block”.

  • Brief and to the point

  • It starts with a 5 bullet slide that sums up WHY you want to create magnetic content. And sometimes an inspired reminder is all you need to get back to serving your community what they want


B2B Content Marketing Report by Holger Schultze

  • It presents results from a 2013 survey – on the ground, fresh data

  • Great slide that ranks the social media sites in order of effectiveness

  • Clean, consistent slides – if the type seems small, go full screen.

C.C. Chapman & Ann Handley’s Content Rules presentation

  • Couldn’t resist. It’s got great case-making highlights

  • It’s from the folks who literally wrote THE book on content marketing. And it’s very telling that even though it’s not brand new, it’s still quite relevant.

  • It has more free stuff at the end


Have you got a favorite content marketing resource? Did you create one that people are patting you on the back for lately? Add it to our list in the comments below – you just might see it featured here!


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