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Create Regular Tumblr Content for Your Gallery
8 February 2013

A few days ago, we talked about using Tumblr as a way to promote your blog to your potential clientele. We wanted to delve into the new growth of Tumble-blogging, and how you can use it more fully.

Tumblr (no ‘E’) has been embraced especially by Generation Y who wanted something more informal and easier to use than a regular blog. While a regular blog is just as effective — if you have one, don’t abandon it — there’s something hipper and funner about a Tumblr blog.

The first thing to do is claim your Tumblr blog. Go to, and set it up using your gallery name — — and set the background theme the way you want it.

Next, download the Tumblr app to your mobile phone. Take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with how it works. It’s pretty easy. Just take a photo on your phone (or choose one from the gallery), type in some text, and upload it to your Tumblr blog. Unfortunately, you cannot send more than one photo at a time this way.

You can also email several photos and copy at once to your Tumblr blog. Each account is given its own special, secret email address. Put that in your phone’s address book. Then, when you take a series of photos, attach them all to an email to your Tumblr account, add in the text, and then send it off.

And of course, you can also upload a series of photos to your Picasa or Flickr account, and then copy the embed code for a slide show into your email and send that off, or just go to on your laptop, and write the post like you would any other blog post.

Then promote the posts via your social network and use it to build both search engine traffic and foot traffic to your gallery.


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