Crunch, Crunch, Crunch + Two Questions: Next Steps for Women Grow Business
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Crunch, Crunch, Crunch + Two Questions from Women Grow Business

Happy Friday All.

And can you hear that sound? Hear it?

Crunch, crunch, crunch

That’s the official sound of a blog’s brain (ie this blog!) churning over new ideas. The conversations here at Women Grow Business have been so insightful and provident the ‘blog brain’ image seems to fit.

(image Brain Waves by Hawaii, Creative Commons)

The bloggers and readers have taught a lot — so thanks again for joining us!

Since launching in late January
Over 20 ongoing contributors, the likes of award-winning CEOs, digital natives and creatives, keen networkers, broadband ninjas, business owners, leaders, emerging entrepreneurs, ecommerce & human capital experts, SEO gurus, great attitudes, and more have formed this blog community.

These bloggers have made Women Grow Business a dynamic, resourceful, and often witty(!) place for women entrepreneurs and people in small business.

So two questions:

What do you like seeing here on Women Grow Business?

And are you a woman business owner with a resourceful story to share?

Your ideas are welcome 24/7 and thanks for the feedback you’ve given in our first 5 months. Great things are on the horizon. I can’t wait to learn more of your successes and see the next parts of Women Grow Business unfold right along with you.


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