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Dial “M” for Mobile: Marketing Must-Dos for PPC

PPC Mobile MarketingTelephones have come a long way—especially when it comes to mobile devices—since Hitchcock’s Dial M for Murder was released in 1954. In a recent OnStar® commercial, for example, a car owner’s boyfriend was able to unlock and start the car for his locked-out girlfriend—all from a cell phone. Need I say more?

And just as the main character in the famous Hitchcock thriller needed a strategy to help him try to inherit his wife’s fortune, as a small business owner today, you need to find ways to tap into the growing mobile marketing industry and generate revenue for your business.

Let’s start by looking at some of the trends in mobile usage:

  • Almost half of mobile phone users made a purchase via a mobile site or mobile app, according to an August 2010 survey by Lightspeed Research.

  • U.S. mobile advertising for 2010 is estimated to reach $790 million, which is up $300 million from last year, according to a forecast by BIA/Kelsey.

  • For teens and college-aged students, using the Internet on mobile devices is the norm, not the exception. And that trend is gradually expanding to the general mobile user population as well.

When it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns for mobile marketing, there are a number of steps you can take to maximize your results—whether you’re marketing via a traditional website or a mobile one. Please note: Although you don’t need a mobile website to get involved with PPC mobile marketing, having one can help boost your overall results.

So if you’re ready to dial “M” for mobile, check out these marketing must-dos for PPC:

  • Separate mobile targeting from desktop/laptop targeting. To do this, turn off mobile targeting in your regular campaigns, and then create separate mobile campaigns that have desktop/laptop targeting disabled.

  • Tailor your ads:

    • Use copy that speaks to the mobile user (e.g., “Shop Easily from Your Cell Phone”).

    • Utilize “mobile ads,” which are specifically formatted for non-smartphones.

    • Offer a dedicated coupon code for mobile users (e.g., “Code MOBILE”).

    • Provide your phone number and encourage users to call for more information.

  • Test the Google AdWords “click-to-call” feature within Ad Extensions>Phone Extensions.

  • Study mobile device activity within your analytics to see which keywords are driving sales from mobile devices, and then add those keywords to your mobile-targeted campaigns.

  • Explore AdWords Call Metrics. This limited-availability feature has recently been expanded to more advertisers, and it works on desktops as well as high-end mobile devices. AdWords Call Metrics provides a free phone number that’s automatically inserted in your ads and is directly linked to your business phone number.

    The beauty of this feature is that it allows you to track the activity of a user who sees your ad, but then calls in to get more information or place an order, rather than complete the order online.

  • Set up a separate PPC conversion tracking code (if you’re working with a mobile site), and install the code on the backend of your mobile store.

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  1. I’m wondering if I might speak with someone regarding a PPC campaign. Thanks and happy holidays!

  2. Hi Gerry,

    I would be happy to discuss PPC with you. Feel free to call or email me at your convenience.



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