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Drive Traffic to Your Site With Content Distribution
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One of my favorite social media/digital marketing bloggers, Eric Wittlake, recently wrote The B2B Marketing Guide to Online Content Distribution. It was chock full of great advice, so I decided to pull out the tips that I had never heard of and share them with you.

Wittlake’s main premise is that businesses should be doing much more than just writing a blog post and sharing it on their social media channels. Instead, put all that great content to work and reach a much bigger audience.

First, a primer on paid content distribution. Paid content distribution allows you to integrate links to your content on other sites as related or additional content. The cost/traffic ratio is much better than online advertising. Here is how to get started:


Outbrain lets you run campaigns as related or additional content (with text links, obviously), which generally appear at the end of an article. You have a pretty big range of publications to choose from, which is awesome.


Though Wittlake points out that the publishers they work with may be too broad for B2B companies (Time, USA Today, TMZ, and Cracked, among others), Taboola might work for you depending on the topics you are writing about.


Personally, I have been using Disqus for a few years (as a blog commenting platform) and love it. They work with a large base of blogs and midsized publishers, and are probably a better fit for B2B companies.

You can also distribute your content directly to other sites through these channels:

Forbes BrandVoice

Get this: You can publish your articles directly on There are 8 channels to choose from, including business, investing, technology, entrepreneurs, and leadership. This is not a free-for-all, though – you have to be invited.

Trade Publications

Due to the success of Forbes, a lot of trade publications are following in Forbes’ footsteps and starting their own native publishing programs. Check your industry’s publications to see if they offer it.

While not technically content distribution platforms, here are two ways to improve your online advertising:


“OneSpot is half content distribution network, half ad network,” Wittlake wrote. That means you can use their platform to target your audience and let OneSpot handle the content distribution network based on the parameters you set.


Retargeting lets you share additional content with people who have already been on your site, which is very common (I am betting you see it all the time, like I do). Wittlake points out that the cost is relatively low ($2 to $5 CPM), so that is definitely an option to consider.

Have you ever used any of the above platforms – or others? What tactics worked best for you?

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